IorTa Technology Solutions: Leveraging The Best Of Emerging Technologies

CIO Vendor We are increasingly relying on the connected devices around us for myriad of applications. The ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) is ever increasing from our smartphones, wearable fitness devices, and personal virtual assistants, to connected cars, connected homes, GPS locators, and a wide variety of sensors. These sensors and connected devices, however, are not exactly useful without an interface for your average joe. That’s where the Mobility for information comes in as an equally important element for success. Using this insight as a premise and making it work for modern day enterprises is the cause that Iorta, a new age technology firm from Mumbai is championing. Iorta’s short yet apt mission statement, is to ‘enable enterprises leverage IoT and Mobility to synergize its people and processes.’ Easwara Murthy, Co-founder and CEO of Iorta Technology Solutions says, “Any business today is a technology-driven business. Whether one starts a nursery or a bakery, the core of the business needs to be built around technology, if one needs to taste success in today’s era. Hence, it is even more important for large enterprises to imbibe design thinking and apply various combinations of IOT, Mobility and other relevant emerging technologies to open doors to better process management and reducing reliance on manual interventions. While one can argue that business KPIs pip technology, I would counter that today it’s equally important to stay abreast with evolving technology landscape to realize new opportunities which might change the dimensions in which the KPIs are defined and how the business is done. We want to help enterprises realize this shift and fuel new stages of growth”. Iorta backs this up with a range of solutions it has developed specifically for enterprises which can help them in realizingunique business opportunities. Starting small, the company has delivered a comprehensive set of industry use cases, mostly within the BFSI domain.

End-to-End Sales Lifecycle via Sales drive
The past decade of digitization and automation helped organizations to become more efficient in its operations, but the fragmentation of information architecture in the companies these initiatives have caused is seen as a major trade off. For example, on an average a typical sales representative of an insurance company today has to use more than 4 different applications to conduct his/her day to day business. Think about the cognitive overload these users have to deal with. Even more importantly, such a situation creates problems like excessive IT costs when implementing regulatory changes due to duplication of efforts, slow go-to-market timelines for new products, multitude of failure points as enhancements have to be carried across the board of systems, and also the islands of information which makes it difficult for a user to rely on a single source of truth.

To tackle this, Iorta has been putting its 50+ man-years of BFSI specific experience in process digitization with India's top BFSI companies to use, and have created an industry focused Sales CRM system which can cover the entire sales lifecycle within a single, digital asset. This system, aptly named Sales drive, is a collection of modules for every stage of a sales process which allows BFSI companies to super-charge its sales mechanisms and provides a single application to its sales force. Be it, lead management, digitized sales content, need analysis tools, product recommendation engine, customer and agent on boarding, digitized document & premium collection, customer servicing, performance review with managers, sales contest creator, incentive tracking, Sales drive suite has it all. Any BFSI organization, regardless of the scale and size, can pick one the 12 modules to begin with and keep adding other modules as they
go along, without worrying about the upfront capital expenditure.

With a well defined datamanagement layer, Salesdrive employs industry oriented, selfadjusting AI enabled interventions to drive sales reps to take actions and build disciplined communication with customers. And at the same time, it helps managers with real-time data to coach their team members and intervene at the right moments for successful closures.

The Holy Mix of IoT and Mobility
Iorta’s ventured early with vehicular telematics which started with the development of a black box for car’s OBD-II ports to monitor the usage, driving behavior and vehicle’s health. The market offered little traction, as the cost of the device was a barrier for Auto insurers, given the razor thin margins the companies operate with. With the learnings, Iorta has moved on to create a patentfiled ecosystem of interconnected, trackable devices to address the issues like theft, kidnapping and home security. This ecosystem, called Hook, contains an array of devices, starting from a tiny tracker which can remain active for 365+ days without the need of charging, which can be placed inside any valuable item, along with a range of home automation and breach detecting devices,topped with a collection of vehicle telematics devices for cars and bikes. The differential value that Hook brings on the table is that the entire ecosystem operates on an independent spectrum band, especially chosen to offer triple benefits of low energy footprint, high operational life,and an unparalled connectivity range(up to 5 times the range of a traditional Wi-Fi network). The company is working with police and other public and private authorities to set up its proprietary tracking network, which removes the dependency on GPS and GSM based transmission, which are costly, bulky and need a constant source of power.

“We approach issues by understanding what the actual problem is. Not just what is obvious, but the underlying causalities and the affected entities. It helps us to determine the scope of interventions, both micro and major, which will yield a solution that can address the issue across different aspects. For example, we spent over 600 hours shadowing the frontline sales agents and operations teams of three different insurance organizations to understand the nuances of sales. The findings were then categorized under various addressable buckets using design thinking, which led us to create a sales automation flow that could be accepted and adopted by most stakeholders. The technology stack we work with allows for rapid prototyping and pilot releases for feedback from real users, which further help us iterate towards a thorough solution”,adds Himanshu Gupta, Co-founder & COO, Iorta.

Iorta has exhibited its capability to prototype from ground up in no time and has won the interest of several financial services companies and intermediaries in the South East Asian market. The company’s IoT division believes in building its hardware grounds up. From designing the PCB boards, and assembling the components themselves at their lab in Chennai, they keep a tight control on quality and agility to experiment. With enterprise process automation, IoT and telematics solutions, IorTa started off with BFSI and is slowly reaching out to other industries.