A.T.E EcoAxis: Enhancing Operational Productivity, Performance and Energy Efficiency with IoT

Vinod Vaswani, COO, A.T.E EcoAxis | Friday, 26 June 2015, 07:17 IST

The rapid machine-to-machine and machine-to-people interaction in the realm of IoT has brought in tremendous growth of data across all business platforms. This voluminous and indispensable data needs to be processed, integrated, stored and analyzed in real-time to get value that has not been harnessed in the past or at best partially, via manual means. However, challenges like sharing data over cloud platforms and acceptance of new technologies, prevent companies from adopting IoT.

Eco Axis, headquartered at Pune, is one of the early companies to foray ahead and help break the barriers that exist in the path of IoT adoption. This trail blazer in the Indian market offers industrial asset management solutions by deploying IoT that helps customers transform their business models, and boosts operational excellence for end users.  EcoAxis has already crossed the milestone of 5 Trillion data points analyzed, all due to its high granularity in analytics per equipment or plant.

At EcoAxis, it is an ongoing endeavor to assess how available data can be aligned with several business processes to gain insights. “Our team of process and domain experts determines the data that is relevant to the analytics and this plays a large role in the value delivery to our customers”, says Vinod Vaswani, the Chief Operating Officer.  Considering device data and its integrity plays a very important role, the company also safeguards its security. EcoAxis obliterates any vulnerability intruding the devices during access, by isolating the devices from the external world. Over and above this, they deploy state of the art secure IT infrastructure – both in terms of hardware and software. 

Multiple platforms, numerous interfacing needs, protocols and large number of APIs along with IoT systems integration, often emerge as a critical challenge in the adoption of IoT. “The AxisLog family of devices are tightly integrated with our server side database and software framework SuperAxisTM, thus ensuring data availability to the framework for analytics and visualization”, adds Vinod.

EcoAxis with the help of its embedded hardware and software framework facilitates data collection and transportation to the cloud based server to the internet via GPRS or a broadband connection. “These products have the ability to fetch data via standard protocols – over a serial or TCP/IP interface, even from physically wired signals thus establishing the M2M connect”, says Vinod.

EcoAxis strongly believes that IoT is the next generation wave of technology advancement, albeit still in its nascent stages of market development. It anticipates that IoT will undoubtedly fuel the growth of new business models and revenue opportunities. The company plans to keep abreast of the latest technology breakthroughs and standardizations. EcoAxis with its solutions will continue to provide optimization solutions for operations and productivity enhancement, service delivery improvement, energy efficiency and benchmarking. Moving ahead, EcoAxis intends to be a strong player in the international market and impact the way in which their customers use data from their production and utility assets.

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