Axelta Systems: Bringing Innovative and Disruptive IoT Solutions to India

Piyush Jain, Director & Co-Founder, Axelta Systems | Friday, 26 June 2015, 07:21 IST

Axelta is an end to end IoT service provider. Axelta offers Remote Asset Management service for Security. Axelta has built the entire infrastructure including devices and a Cloud gateway called “Osmosis” to offer this end to end service. Axelta also offers IoT training for individuals and corporate. “We are the first and world’s largest IOT trainer. Our training provides end to end understanding of latest IoT technologies such as Sensors, Bluetooth, Cloudand Big Data among others. The company was founded in 2013 by two IIT graduates Pyush Jain and Manish Agarwal. Both have over 40 years of combined experience in Technology industry in India and abroad.

Remote Security Management

Security is one of the major issues faced byhomes and businesses. Axelta has been deeply involved in developing threat detection devices since its inception. In case of any intrusion, unauthorized opening of lockers, our IoT devices immediately captures violator’s image on Osmosis cloud platform and immediately alert notifications are sent to clients”, explains Manish. Pyush adds that hidden gateway captures the image of intruder and generate alarms to send information to owners via physical call, SMS or e-mails. This device will be a disruptive force in security industry in India as it will be delivered at a very low INR 300/month rates across the country.


Axelta has been at the forefront as a knowledge provider for IoT since last 1 year. We have already trained 500+ professionals in IoT. Intel-India and Mindtree are some of our corporate clients. We are the worlds Largest IoT training providers and the only one to do it Online. Anyone joining our training will get a 2-3 months jumpstart in IoT space.

Heading ahead

Co-founders Manish and Piyush perceive that IoT market in India is in the initial stage and has a huge potential to expand. Based on their surveys and market analysis, both co-founders believe that the sale of their security devices would cross over 1 lakh in near future across B2B and B2C domain and the training business itself will be over 1 million dollars annually by 2016.

At Axelta we are revenue positive within 1 year of starting our business and intend to continue being so. We believe India is a huge market opportunity and we want to focus on Indian market and build innovative products for the same.

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