ConnectM : Delivering Manageability and Connectivity to Remote products, things and assets

Sriram Chidambaran, CEO, ConnectM | Friday, 26 June 2015, 07:29 IST

An IT company based out of Pune was witnessing unprecedented increase in Energy bills, making the systems and devices prone to stress and failure, and raising alarms of high maintenance requirements. Being a highly energy sensitive company, the challenge had become quite intimidating.  After a long haul and several researches conducted to derive a workable solution that could lead to maximum energy savings, the company approached, Bangalore based ConnectM, who helped the company by proposing a solution which included a wireless sensor that allowed remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of assets (lamps, HVAC etc.) based on motion/ luminous intensity/ scheduling/ user control. The intelligent control of the assets thus started leading to maximum energy savings. ConnectM has translated its unmatched experience of deploying comprehensive IoT platforms across several customer assets into deep expertise of supporting the connectivity with any device deployed anywhere across the globe. The company combines its robust M2M solution Delivery platform (Yantra Cloud) seamlessly with the clients’ existing hardware devices without making any changes to the device. “This makes it very easy for customers to connect their existing legacy devices and realise a connected solution”, says Sriram Chidambaram, CEO, Connect M. Yantra has been built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with framework of pre-built and field proven components that helps organizations to deploy M2M applications faster on cloud or on-premise.

Yantra Cloud platform has the capability to integrate APIs with other Enterprise systems, thus enabling faultless use of IoT data across organizational systems for business decisions. Additionally, the platform embeds all the core IoT platform functionalities such as Device Connectivity layer (authorisation, authentication, protocol adaptation, OTA, 2-way interaction with devices, error handling),  IoT core services layer (Rule Engine, Event engine, Workflow, Big Data IoT data store) and application and BI enablement layer. The layers of YantraCloud being modular and flexible can be independently used with other capability existing layers that the customer may already have. ConnectM has substantial experience in serving verticals such as Telecom Tower Management, Building Energy Management, Bank Branch/ATM Booth Management, Industrial Asset Management, Fleet Management. “We help customers reduce overall investment required to develop, maintain, and manage complex M2M applications”, adds Sriram. The significant strength of Yantra lies in its ability to handle big volumes of data and trigger real time decisions with its big data support capabilities.

ConnectM believes that the strategy contrived to remain connected has compelled the big players to hinge on IoT platform as a cornerstone to manage connectivity between machine, data and applications. “M2M market in India is slowly maturing. There is a lot of new domain specialised IoT players emerging. There is a considerable amount of interest from new entrepreneurs to work on specific IoT/M2M device hardware and that is a very encouraging”, says Sriram.  Driven by this positive change in the M2M market, ConnectM has geared up to invest in strengthening its M2M Delivery platform to handle different varieties of devices and applications being supported on it and also enhance its technology further in enabling user self service aspects.

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