iTrans Technologies: A Pioneer & Leader in Connected Car Solutions

Mallesh Reddy, Founder & CEO,iTrans Technologies | Friday, 26 June 2015, 07:44 IST

Vehicle Telematics has become a major game changer for the automotive industry. As one gets complete real time information of fleet activities; insurers, car manufacturers, taxi aggregators, vehicle financing firms and end users have the advantage to control operational costs, fuel costs and consequently focus on customer services, productivity and on road safety. With millions of vehicles already in the hands of customers, the automobile industry has the opportunity to track customers even after the sale of vehicles. However, there is less than two percent penetration of basic vehicle telematics in South Asia and other emerging markets.

With the primary motivation to incubate telematics across emerging markets, Bangalore based iTrans has designed and developed an IoT vertical application and an easy to install gadget to assist motorists for better road safety. Founded in 2009, iTransGlobal integrates Telematics with different OEM platforms to measure Vehicle Health, Usage and driving behavior which is displayed via its customized dashboards on mobile phones and web portals. “Our ‘myIntelligentCar’ app enables vehicles to be connected to the Internet at all times and opens up the possibility for various remote communications with various entities of automotive ecosystems,” says Mallesh Reddy, Founder and CEO at iTrans. The company today has expanded to an international presence in Singapore with its headquarters in Bangalore.

To assist vehicle insurers, iTrans leverages a unique Usage Based Insurance (UBI) approach to determine premium amounts. With UBI, customers are given options to choose distance slabs and corresponding premiums. In addition, Insurers gain access to customized web portals to manage insurance activations, premiums, deactivations, driver score analysis and re modeling insurance coverages. “Using our Telematics solutions, Insurers also empower policy holders to decide their policy premiums, thus making policies more affordable which further results in better compliances,” adds Reddy. On the other hand, car manufacturers gain valuable data insights on vehicle performances and have the ability to improve future products, while Car dealers improve customer relationships and gain their ability to cross sell.

As iTrans is embedded into OBD port of any vehicle which is connected to the cloud, insurers are notified in real time to remind clients about top-ups and other services. Once the ignition of vehicle is turned on, different sensor data of IoT product is passed on to the cloud which is then analyzed in real time. “Well with Do-it-Yourself features of our products, iTrans have enabled customers to benefit on the go,” Reddy points out.

Today, iTrans global deals with telecom companies, fleet Operators, Taxi aggregators and car owners around features such as vehicle’s health, driving behaviors, fraudulent claims and remote diagnostics. With 4 years of proven IoT Platform development capability; iTrans is ascertained to provide valuable insurance telematics solutions ahead. Co-founder & COO Mr. Ram Honnavalli perceives that customer relationship management and vehicle relationship management via Telematics systems will have significant potential for the automotive manufacturers and their dealers in the near future.

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