Venba Tech: Enriching Capabilities of Automation Devices with IoT

Bhanumathy Venkat, Founder & MD, Venba Tech | Friday, 26 June 2015, 07:54 IST

The power of action-at-a-distance was once endowed upon technology enthusiasts by initiating IoT and its by-products such as BYOD and DIY. However with the arrival of various intuitive IoT solution providers, the power of IoT has penetrated to every small corner of the world. While consumer markets flourished with products that showcased the advantages of IoT, wireless technology borne challenges got tagged and concurrently aggregated when consumers started assembling more wireless devices within organizations. The most demanding challenges at this stage were a constant threat to security as information revolved in different applications while compiling different type of sensors that delivered sensitive data from physical data storages to the Cloud.

Hence, the increase in the number of devices has burdened consumers in terms of interoperability, which requires uncomplicated automational procedures. Having started operations in 2009, Venba Tech, a Chennai based automation solution provider in commercial and home segments, aims towards simplicity, convenience and energy efficiency while tackling the above mentioned pain points. Through their services, the company puts an ease to manageability and mobility of automation devices by overcoming the demanding challenges mentioned above within IoT.

Comprehending the pitfalls of automation , Venba Tech has focused to pitch its services mainly in open source platform to standardize automation processes easily. “Using a common platform we standardize automation processes. Thus, we are enabled to act efficiently by extracting business value from acquired data”, quotes Founder & Managing Director, Bhanumathy Venkat. The company hosts projects on KNX, an open source platform developed by the European electrical industry to enable seamless automation. The very nature of KNX allows easy integration with proprietary systems thereby, providing an easy route for upgrading devices.

Building and Home automation products have become key attributes to our life style. Going by this fact and knowing the desires as well as nature of its customers, Venba Tech contrives strategies to organize data and aligns its services accordingly. The seasoned team at Venba has incorporated agile methodologies to bring diverse end devices into a single user interface, thus building an end to end IoT ecosystem.

Customers consistently testify that seeking assistance from Venba Tech is more like leaving their own signature on the technology infrastructures onto the automation devices. Venba Tech weighs sustenance that is equivalent to deploying the necessary solutions. Additionally, Venba Tech plans to implement field sensors to collect proactive information that can avoid equipment failures and downtimes. They look up to conserving energy by implementing sensors and automatically enabling systems to work on efficient energy curves. Elaborating on their future plans Mr. Arun, co-founder of Venba Tech, explains, “We are working on establishing remote monitoring facilities for our customers. The facility will cater towards automated cross functions, collecting alerts and reports on the performance and efficiency. It will enable systems to inter operate with minimum human intervention.” It is safe to say Venbatch is on an upward growth curve with all of the innovation and aggressive expansion strategies.

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