AIoTm - Ensuring Seamless Device Integration through Interoperable IoT Middleware Technology

CIO Vendor The worldwide application integration and middleware (AIM) software market has progressed rapidly over the last few years, with its revenue forecasted to surpass USD 27 billion in 2017. For the projected growth to be a reality it is vital to make it available to the user community at low cost, easy to adapt IoT enablers along with an end to end secure, scalable & interoperable IoT processing framework suite.

Furthermore, current public cloud centric IoT solutions have proved to be too rigid and cumbersome to support modern digital business requirements and have called for the need to drive fresh integration approaches with new middleware technologies at their core. Acknowledging these requisites, Kerala headquartered Amrita IoT Middleware (AIoTm) brings an end-to-end IoT suite comprising of IoT Middleware, Gateways and supporting IoT enablers, Bigdata processing engine and Visualization framework.

Established in 2013, the company has been focused in taking a gateway centric approach than the cloud centric approach in delivering IoT solutions using a combination of light weight Middleware along with AGway (in-house developed Intelligent Gateway), and other low cost IoT enablers. Gateway centric approach will take decision making closer to the IoT LAN with little/no dependency on connectivity and cloud.

With a R&D wing that is oriented towards making IoT adaptation as easy as possible with minimal intervention, the company has catered to several challenging large scale deployments which has equipped its team with adequate process knowledge in this domain. “Our involvement in long running deployments has helped us to understand and fine tune any IoT network, devices and the protocol stack so as to ensure reliable and stable IoT networks for effective operation under varying environmental conditions,” claims Shiju Sathyadevan, Founder, AIoTm.

As a secure, scalable and interoperable IoT
Middleware technology, AGway facilitates seamless integration of protocols to allow heterogeneous devices to communicate in a secure fashion. Coupled with the middleware technology, IoT Gateway (AGway) has been designed to revolutionize the way IoT traffic is moderated, through handling devices that use ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, UPnP, Bluetooth, IPv4/6, Wi-Fi, MODBUS and BacNet protocols.
Product line also includes "TrackBit" a low cost Zigbee based RTLS, "Homer" a Home Automation Kit, Fully Automated Irrigation control System, LoWZee an RF transceiver that can load both Zigbee and 6LoWPAN stacks, MOTEs, Maintenance Alert Sensors etc. With Gateway being the entry point into any given IoT LAN, this framework also ensures that devices joining the network are authenticated while allowing only authorized devices to access the network.

Our involvement in long running deployments has helped us to understand and fine tune any IoT network, devices and the protocol stack

Furthermore, AIoTm’s Security Suite comprises of a light weight Dynamic Firewall on the gateway that monitors and manages external traffic and an Application Profiler IDS/IPS that ensures the monitoring of internal LAN security. Custom built "Protean Authentication Scheme" ensures edge node authentication with time bound session keys with no dependency on a certificate authority.

Amrita Big Data Framework (ABDF), an all integrated analytics engine capable of handling both large volume streaming and static data using Hadoop and Spark with custom built machine learning algorithms is a powerful GUI based tool to build any complex process flows using simple drag and drop mechanism. ABDF is well integrated with the visualization engine Amrita Dynamic Dashboard (AD2) to offer interactive data churning capabilities to dig out hidden patterns.

Our involvement in long running deployments has helped us to understand and fine tune any IoT network, devices and the protocol stack

With over five years of R&D in the field of IoT, Big Data Analytics and Visualization, AIoTm has gained adequate technical expertise in this domain and intends to continue bringing innovative and optimal solutions to the market. The company also hopes to focus its core research on developing affordable, reliable and secure IoT works for its growing clientele.