Virtual Veda - Ameliorating Digital Marketing with Effective Usage of IoT and Analytics

CIO Vendor IoT has become an undeniable ubiquitous phenomenon as evidenced by the propagation of smart, internet-connected devices. Today's marketing space is realizing and leveraging the power of IoT and Analytics to create better business value for customers. Though many digital agencies create content online nowadays, they overlook the potential of evolving technology for marketing creative concepts. Moreover, most of them are limited to apps, social media, and other digital platforms. For attaining notable marketing solutions, today's digital agencies must have comprehensive in-house capabilities such as digital creative content development, fabrication of hardware, software development, installation, and maintenance etc. With a team of equally enthused and skilled professionals, Mumbai based Virtual Veda crosses the threshold of marketing landscape with its in-depth marketing prowess right from brand management to trade channel marketing for multiple industries coupled with creativity and technological know-how. “We are the only agency with an end to end in-house capability to optimize technology for delivering Tech for Marketing and Digital Marketing solutions. Our synergies handhold clients right from concept to design, hardware re-engineering, software, fabrication, installation at physical sites and maintenance there on. We pay heed to organizations' issues across various marketing channels including ATL, BTL, Rural Marketing, Modern & General Trade, Retail Assets etc.” evinces Pawan Tiwari, Managing Director of Virtual Veda. The company is highly focused on industries like FMCG, Retail, Automobiles, and Fashion.

Leveraging technology, Virtual Veda renders innovative IoT led solutions that are optimized across sales and marketing functions not only limited till digital marketing but covering a larger marketing spectrum to provide solutions across a larger marketing spectrum - ATL, BTL, retail visibility, experiential assets and rural marketing etc. Utilizing IoT solutions, Virtual Veda is carving a niche towards consumer behaviour intelligence and analytics ambiences.
According to Pawan Tiwari, “Today's businesses are realizing the significance of data analytics. Be it mall directories, digital signage or beverage chillers, it is important that the assets act as a source of experience and information to drive better decision-making and consumer experience”. With real-time analytics, Virtual Veda aims to retarget shoppers for helping their businesses grow.

Aside from the effective use of analytics, Virtual Veda concentrates on delivering rich customer experience. “It is imperative that an active consumer experience shall not only be quantified and analyzed but also carved into a well-thought strategy to grow the business. At Virtual Veda, we are trying to integrate experience and analytics in both physical form and virtual marketing assets,” affirms Pawan Tiwari. As an example, he tells us about Virtual Veda's rural marketing solution named SPARSH. “Our rural marketing solution can display, interact and analyze consumer data on a live basis at a retail store in a 2000 pop strata Indian village without using electricity and internet,” adds Pawan Tiwari.

We are the only agency with an end to end in-house capability to optimize technology for delivering Tech for Marketing and Digital Marketing solutions

Virtual Veda believes that while most of the digital agencies are limited in their approach and role to only catering to Social Media, Mobile Marketing, SEO, SEM, Virtual Veda is trying to play a pivotal role to enhance marketing efficacy and reach by providing the above said regular services, acting as technology partner to cover larger spectrum of marketing like Print, Outdoor, Modern trade, General trade, Retail experience, etc and solve some key marketing issues using tech, for marketing solutions approach. The company's experienced marketers and consumer behaviour analysts, in addition to digital content, software and media experts, make it a nonlinear digital agency. Moving ahead, Virtual Veda envisages becoming one of the top 5 full-service digital marketing agencies in India by 2020.