Boodskap Inc.: Delivering an IoT Platform Strengthened with Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning

CIO Vendor Beyond all the hype, IoT is really a technology that is just beginning to spread its wings. While the world is holding its breath to witness IoT transform all walks of human life-healthcare, safety and security, education, productivity and more, industry verticals are steadily fine-tuning their operations to build an environment the technology demands. Leveraging IoT for enhanced productivity and competitive edge requires collaboration between highly complex systems, investment, as well as a pool of skilled talent.

Boodskap Inc.,a Texas-based start-up is riding the wave of IoT with a bold vision. “We want to be the launch pad for any IoT need, be it an enterprise or small & medium or DIY customers,” says Jegan Vincent, CEO, Boodskap Inc. The company is developing a unique IoT platform that boasts of features of best of the emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The Boodskap IoT platform is an end-to-end technology platform leveraging which businesses can acquire the ability to quickly connect hardware devices and build connected applications in a cost-efficient manner.

Equipped with device/asset management, firmware management, sophisticated rules engine, rich UX/UI widgets, the platform stands strong as a one-stop solution. Taking us deeper into the platform,Jegan Vincent elaborates, “Our web-based interface makes it easy for solution builders to configure the sensors,setup rules, analyze, visualize and manage the hardware firm-ware. Our API's also allows developers to integrate the platform with any LOB application.

Furthermore, it will not be wrong to state that the true value of IoT lies not in receiving data but rather in its ability to deliver users
complete power over the management of the hardware component. That being said, the Boodskap IoT platform together with its over the air up-grades feature capacitates bidirectional communication, right from the sensors to the platform and vice versa. Powerful machine learning algorithms such as Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, k-Nearest Neighbors, Support Vector Machines, and 70 more classifications enable businesses to develop and train/retrain their individual models to predict/prescribe/prevent events. Additionally, simple interface for Ethereum Blockchain integration enables businesses to easily create Smart Contracts, execute them, accept/reject contracts and get notified of the transaction events. Additionally, the hardware agnostic platform supports more than 40 languages.

The company has developed a unique IoT platform that boasts of features of best of the emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

The Boodskap IoT platform is a highly intelligent and customizable solution that can be downloaded and hosted on premises or on the cloud. This added to its ability to scale unparalleled makes the platform highly feasible at a time when costs of communication and storage are witnessing a steep surge. With a strong focus on R&D,the platform is constantly revisited and re-equipped to meet the demands of the evolving IoT industry. In the coming times, the firm can be expected to continue strengthening the platform with leading tools and technologies. Currently, Boodskap is working in Industrial 4.0, automating projects integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance module.