AtsuyaTechnologies: Helping Businesses Leverage IoT for Refrigeration and Energy Monitoring

CIO Vendor IoT is constantly shaping our lifestyle and work, providing us with real-time information leading to smart decision, optimising on time and cost. IoT’s defining characteristic is real-time connectivity of users and devices, allowing remote access, thus generating effectiveness of operation. Such effectiveness owing to IoT has helped us with industries, transportation and even in our homes. Now,it offers to help us mitigate the wastage of perishable products in need of refrigeration, while also ensuring food safety and security.

There is a growing consumer demand for fresher, safer food and medication which in turn has created the pressing need for retailers to invest in automatic, non-invasive temperature monitoring of refrigeration units. Atsuya Technlogies seeks to provide greater integrity of all consumer products that require refrigeration and energy monitoring. It ensures that the optimal storage temperature is maintained all the time, which prevents wastage and maintains product integrity thus delivering promised benefits to consumers. But optimizing on business cost and meeting consumer’s demand is rife with challenges. Current challenges in the field include malfunctioning of devices and the time consuming manual checking of the same. Atsuya's Kryo, an IoT - based solution, provides real-time monitoring of all refrigerated assets,be it commercial refrigerators in retail stores, cold chains or reefer trucks. “The Kryo mobile application offers real-time dashboard for all refrigeration as-sets individually. Also, the data generated is analysed to yield meaningful business insights. Besides addressing the monitoring issue, Kryo helps prevent unauthorized access to the container,” says Rahul Ganapathy, CEO, Atsuya Technologies. In addition to eliminating the chances of SKU spoil-age, Kryo provides retail stores another key capability: facilitating remote monitoring on a real-time basis. Atsuya's KRYO also offers ‘visibility’ to cut down on losses earlier incurred by cold chain owners and tenants
“From the perspective of an owner, knowing which part of the cold chain is stocked and which is empty and, therefore, which section requires more cooling is important not just for satisfactory service delivery, but also to manage power consumption. A cold chain owner may be spending more to maintain a lower temperature, where as the product may actually be damaged by it. This is what we call lose-lose situation. With Atsuya Kryo, turning such lose-lose into win-win is simply a matter of paying attention to the notification on your smart-phone,” adds Rahul. Companies might have to incur huge amounts for imported sensors and services often do not turn out to be efficient; lacking in promised functionality or expected return on investment. Atsuya solutions have been designed to address this lag. “Made in India” and “Made for India” approach has propelled the company’s solution to be based on detailed assessment of local operating environment to pass the most important test of ‘return on investment for the client’.

The Kryo mobile application offers real-time dashboard for all refrigeration assets individually. Also, the data generated is analysed to yield meaningful business insights

Atusya offers end-to-end service, custom-built sensors, cloud platform and sophisticated analytics. It eliminates the client’s troubles of having to deal with multiple vendors and technologies. Offering cost-effective, yet world-class solution, Atsuya hopes to deliver value in any market, be it India or abroad.