Ingeni Info Systems: Developing a Better Connected Environment

CIO Vendor Arguably, Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most adopted trends, predominantly driven by the ubiquity of mobile communication technologies. The world is continually searching for more ways to increase connectivity between users and devices within the IoT realm. The projected growth of IoT solutions has lead to a plethora of opportunities for embedded system developers. These opportunities bring with them a gamut of challenges including developers' need to engineer devices that permit seamless connectivity while ensuring performance, security and reliability.

A significant challenge in developing IoT solutions is the capability to centrally manage edge devices which includes remote management, device-level execution capabilities and provisioning capabilities at the gateway, and cloud-based delivery of software updates. Perfectly poised with industry rich experience in embedded and communication technology, Ingeni Info Systems established in 2005, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the complete spectrum of the IoT framework, which is the device end-points to the cloud storage and user interaction applications. A strong foothold in the home and industrial automation domain has enabled Ingeni to address challenges in the emerging IoT market like urban infrastructure management and remote facility monitoring with their configurable and scalable automation solution.

Varied hardware platforms connect differently and so at the core of the Ingeni IoT framework is the end device development platform where a sensor device can be configured and managed with ease using tools. This depends on whether the end device can connect directly to the cloud or through a Gateway that acts as an intermediary, supporting wired and wireless communication technology. Aware of data security breaches, the data communication utilizes pointto-point encryption using latest TLS protocols.
Additionally, the framework facilitates seamless data storage from devices onto cloud with the help of renowned cloud service providers and is highly scalable with the ability to support an increased number of devices within the same framework. Located in Odisha, Ingeni’s expertise lies in the Embedded Software Development process provided. The company, with their technically adept team maps out the customer’s specific requirements and conducts a feasibility study based on a broad range of parameters like cost, availability and development time. Adhering to protocols, the company abides by strict coding practices to minimize errors while simultaneously assuring the product is bug free.

The company’s proprietary real-time OS is leveraged to obtain optimum performance. In conjunction with this, the team consults with the client in other requirements like mass production and mandatory certification related issues. Recognizing the difficulty engineers face in harnessing the power of such upcoming technologies, the team trains graduate engineers with courses based on Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing. Whilst honing their skills with a hands-on experience, Ingeni recognizes potential talent that are chosen to join the management team to drive the company to achieve greater success.

A strong foothold in the home and industrial automation domain has enabled Ingeni to address challenges in the emerging IoT market

With the best in class personnel onboard, Ingeni envisions designing indigenous consumer products in the field of automation, security and the likes. Enthralled by their progress made in this sector, the company continually strives to be recognized as the go-to Indian brand across the entire country in the span of the five years.