Liradolf : Strengthening Manufacturing Facilities with New-age IIoT Solutions

CIO Vendor The Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) is now growing as fast as the IoT market, with smart sensors,robots and other devices proliferating up and down the manufacturing supply chain. In fact, according to Accenture, the Industrial Internet of Things could add USD 14.2 trillion to the global market by 2030, with manufacturing companies worldwide spending USD 500 billion a year on IIoT technology. While IIoT has the potential to bring substantial improvements in manufacturing productivity and quality, and deliver real value across many industries, the effective implementation of IIoT is hindered by several hurdles that must be overcome in order to derive its complete benefits. Some of these challenges include supply chain concerns, maintaining visibility, blending legacy and IIoT infrastructure and the myriad of security issues that accompany IIoT implementations. Understanding these challenges and requirements, Bengaluru headquartered Liradolf Information Technologies and Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to address them with a comprehensive suite of new-age IIoT products.

Founded in 2015, Liradolf is an Industrial IoT company that has been engaged in creating IoT products to enhance the operational efficiencies of manufacturing plants and facilities. With more and more primitive manufacturing facilities looking to take to IIoT to attain higher levels of automation and more flexible production methods, Liradolf endeavors to bridge the gap through bringing the best of breed IIoT technologies available in hardware and software to enhance the manner in which manufacturing facilities operate their plants. “Perceiving wide scope to reduce wastes and optimize resources, Liradolf has been focused on bringing innovative game-changing IIoT solutions to solve the industry’s most pressing
issues,” affirms Santosh Gonsalves, Director, Liradolf. The founders of the company have a rich domain experience in manufacturing, Lean, Supply chain, and Six Sigma and have spent the earlier part of their careers at leadership positions in the Industry.

With manufacturing companies around the world investing their time and resources in Industrial IoT(IIoT) initiatives, Liradolf endeavors to help them hasten their IT-driven Smart Manufacturing with its flagship Industrial IoT platform-Manuf Next. Designed to solve the manufacturing complexities of design, process supply chains and labor, this platform has the ability to integrate IT into major manufacturing functions and provide a means to simplify the manufacturing puzzle. Through adopting an approach that digitally integrates the 5 Ms of Manufacturing: Man, Machine, Method, Material and Measurement, Manuf Next serves to create an interconnected value stream where machines can communicate with each other, attain relevant information and also pass on critical data related to manufacturing processes. Furthermore, Manuf Next compiles upcoming technologies that are packaged exclusively for manufacturing companies and also provides digital tools for a number of processes, including cycle-time studies, skill monitoring, biometric authentication, change management, digital acquisition of process data and online statistical process control. Additionally, Liradolf ’s ScanBan also helps organizations attain real- time visibility across the supply chain, and thus helps to mitigate manufacturer’s inventory woes.

Since its inception, Liradolf has created an expansive portfolio of IIoT offerings and has thus gained a stronghold in this domain. Liradolf presently has a wide presence across Automotive, Aerospace and FMCG domains. The company was able to quickly scale up due to its partnership agreement with Mitsubishi Electric for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) products. Leveraging its expertise,the company hopes to bring a number of innovative products to further support the Manufacturing industry, such as eTRAIL which is a blockchain based traceability solution to enhance compliance, Condition Based Maintenance and Energy Management Systems,in the years to come.