Pratechsol : Customizable IoT Solutions Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Connectivity

CIO Vendor The concept of Internet of Things(IoT)is taking over the tech industry. The increasing vertical growth trajectory of various industrial sectors like manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics is harnessing the true power of its potential. Acting as a catalyst for hyper-connectivity, IoT is still its nascent stage. Familiarized with the advantages of IoT, businesses are still faced with challenges like adoption, integration, and security. Recognizing it as a lucrative sector, there has been an inf lux of vendors that just deliver IoT solutions with not much grasp on the domain or skill-set to work with clients throughout the process. The end result is piecemeal solutions with lack of customer satisfaction. Defying this cookie-cutter approach, Pratechsol partners with organizations and works with customers throughout the IoT journey; fulfilling every customer's unique requirement with tailor-made IoT solutions.

This project lifecycle begins with need assessment and is followed by a fully comprehensive IoT strategy roadmap. “If the client does not have application development capabilities in-house, we step in and fill that gap. Similarly, we assess clients existing network and internet connectivity infrastructure and then recommend,and if necessary carry out changes to support the needs of the proposed IoT solution,” explains Swapnil Sinkar, Founder& MD, Pratechsol. Once the client requirements are mapped out,the team begins with the IoT implementation, enterprise integration, analytics, post implementation support and user training. In conjunction with this, the company also facilitates their clients with IoT security consulting and vulnerability assessment services where the solutions follow a security by-design philosophy, with data privacy and security considerations driving all design decisions.
Despite being a young startup, Pratechsol's efficient and effective solutions has capability to gain a stronghold in the sector. The company caters to a broad spectrum of domains with their offerings which include, school bus tracking, workforce tracking, fleet tracking, asset tracking, industrial monitoring, environment monitoring, and commercial light monitoring.

The project lifecycle begins with need assessment and is followed by a fully comprehensive IoT strategy roadmap

With increased pressure by the EPA(Environment Protection Agency)on industries to report and file detailed and regular reports of the contents present in the waste thrown out by industries in the air/water, organizations are on the lookout for the right solution. Pratechsol’s customizable Environment Monitoring offering enables realtime complex stream processing of data from multiple sources. The reports can be viewed on-the-go through a secured interface.

The manufacturing industry is another major vertical that Pratechsol extends its Industrial monitoring services to. The industry, starting from raw material rightup till the finished product is inevitably related to supply chains, logistics, and transportation. The team with their deep knowledge and industrial monitoring solution assist clients in the following regions facility management, asset management, security and operations, logistics, quality control, packaging and shipping preparation and condition based alerts.

Already making headway in the IoT space, the company’s technically adept team of professionals and channel partners endeavour to continue making a mark in this domain and are working on launching more IoT services on Healthcare, Digital Signage, Smart workplace/home and ERP solution.