Terra Drone India: Providing Secure Drone Services with Real-Time UAV Monitoring and Airspace Traffic Monitoring

CIO Vendor IoT has been fuelling the exponential growth of the drone industry and has come a long way from just being another futuristic technology to being a necessity. With this industry now being worth $3.3 billion, a large number of drone enthusiasts are investing in drones as it is becoming a popular choice around the world. However, unaware of the no-fly zones and controlled airspace areas, these drone enthusiasts sometimes unintentionally venture into someone’s backyard leading to tragic accidents. The repercussions of these unintended consequences have posed a challenge to the Drone as a Service (DaaS) based companies. To address this challenge, Tokyo, Japan-headquartered Terra Drone has developed Terra UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management), a one-stop cloud-based software platform integrating low-flying drones safely and legally in the airspace.

One of the prime elements for the commercial drone industry to prosper is to coordinate real-time drone operators across cities and integrate low-flying drones into the world of aviation. Terra Drone brings in its unique solution, the Terra UTM - one of a kind software, which aids in airspace traffic monitoring and real-time UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) monitoring that bridges the gap between manned and unmanned aviation.

The Terra UTM software acts as a communication platform by connecting official entities with drone operators and helps in creating 3D flight plans, geofencing, tracking UAVs, avoiding collisions and ensuring accident-free airspace. The drone pilots can plan, track and validate their flights in line with international and local regulations.
Additionally, due to the existence of a non-harmonized landscape, Terra UTM thoroughly checks and integrates the different regulations in respective countries along with hyperlocal accurate dynamic aeronautical data to verify the drone flights making Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights possible. BVLOS missions will not only open the skies to an array of new possibilities in the field of surveying, geospatial mapping and asset inspections but also aid national scale operations such as public safety and search and rescue missions which are the need of the hour. Having an open API for developers, Terra UTM makes it possible to access the services and data such as long-time analysis of accidents and incidents.

Another challenge is that drones have limited flight endurance and payload capacity. With most of the Micro UAVs in the market providing effective flight time of maximum 30 minutes, Terra Drone’s hybrid VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) has already conducted several successful test flights with a recording of 90 minutes of effective flight time and payload. By planning to push the boundaries further, the company is aiming for 180 minutes of flight endurance in the coming test flight plans.

Thereupon, unlike many, Terra Drone India being an adaptive organization does not limit its imagination to its basket of offerings but based on each individual project requirements, offers the market the best fit technology or rather a plethora of solutions to choose from aiming toward being an end-to-end solution provider. Terra Drone India has ushered in Japan’s No. 1 UAV Company, Terra Drone Corporation, to the Indian aerial market. With more than 200 man-years of enriched experience and the latest state-of-the-art technology, the UAS Technocrats are ready to revolutionize the Indian skies. “We believe in making technology available to all industries and customers and that is one of the key differentiators that make us stand out from the rest,” says Prateek Srivastava, CEO, Terra Drone India.