Tymtix: Enabling Effective Tire Pressure Monitoring

CIO Vendor Three quarters of the total number of accidents take place on account of impropertire maintenance. Monitoring tire pressure data has always been tough since it is not made available in vehicle OBD port. This is where Bangalore headquartered Tymtix Pvt Ltd. steps forward with its cutting edge Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) named SensAiry. “Tymtix has end to end capabilities right from R&D to manufacturing products. We not only deliver devices for constant monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, but also offer companion apps that are built in predictive analytics to convert raw data into meaningful insights for our users,” evinces Prabu Surendra,Founder and CEO of Tymtix Pvt Ltd. The company brings out its tire pressure monitoring system coupled with mobile apps to facilitate continuous monitoring of tire pressure and temperature on users'smart phone.

Unlike classic TPMS, Tymtix's SensAiry TPMS optimizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology which helps Tymtix make tire pressure and temperature details available directly into users’ smartphone. “As we leverage mobile and cloud technologies as well as predictive analytics in our apps,tire leak patterns can be easily identified. Most importantly, our app is designed in such a way that it can be used to monitor pressure as well as temperature in multiple vehicles. This is a unique feature of our product,” unveils Prabu Surendra.

Rendering SensAiry with the capability to continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature, Tymtix's aims to facilitate safe driving and optimal tire performance. When a user comes close to his/her vehicle, SensAiry app will automatically retrieve pressure and
temperature data, and alert the user in case of any abnormalities. “Not only the app level monitoring of unsafe pressure and temperature takes place, but also at server level, we ensure regular updates from our sensors. If not, we send push notification to users, alerting them regarding connectivity or malfunctioning issue with sensors opines Prabu Surendra. Furthermore, SensAiry offers extreme customization facilities for users. In fact, users can set safe zone for tire pressure so that when pressure drops below the lower limit or goes higher, alerts are triggered. In addition, Tymtix offers another alarm feature in which the alerts are triggered at regular intervals until the user gets acknowledged about the unsafe vehicle condition.

SensAiry is designed in such a way that it can be used to monitor pressure as well as temperature in multiple vehicles

Besides, SensAiry's sensors deliver tire pressure and temperature data to telematics solution providers. The data is delivered to centralized team of fleets for monitoring vehicle’s condition. The monitoring teams can notify drivers when the temperature of tires goes beyond safe value to avoid blowouts. Essentially, they can inform drivers about abnormal tire pressure which can impede their safe and comfortable ride.

Moving ahead, Tymtix plans to build IoT based products for healthcare arena. It aims to ameliorate healthcare enclave by bringing devices that can send real-time information about one’s health to a remote physician.