AMWick Technologies: NextGen IoT Strategy to Provide Industrial Agnostic Solutions

Ajay Kamble, Co-Founder

Industrial IoT(IIoT)is a growing field as it is driving the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. Indus tries including manufacturing, energy, transportation, Smart cities, medical, and other industrial sectors are dramatically altering. Most experts believe that IIoT is happening now and with very tangible, measurable business impact of IoT devices and technology will accelerate the businesses. Founded in 2017, AMWick Technologies, headquartered in Pune, provides innovative IIoT product and solutions that would cater to the automation needs of Industry across verticals. The company offerings simplifies clients’ journey of IoT and Industrial IoT adoption by creating automation solution that are innovative, reliable and cost effective.

“Everyone wants to adopt new technologies but there are quite a few roadblocks in adoption. Everyone wants to have a smart solution but are unable to define what exactly this smart means in their smart solutions. We actually help customers to define their strategy and road map that are well aligned with their business and organizational objectives. Our talent in implementing IoT/IIoT solution mitigates the IoT implementation challenges raised by various leading analyst in their reports”, explains Ajay Kamble, CEO & Founder, AMWick Technologies. As a one stop provider for industrial internet opting, AMWick has a patent pending product that is industry size & vertical agnostic. The product typically addresses over 90 percent of the Industrial IoT net. Irrespective of the industry the user belongs to,AMWick builds solutions for all the IoT enthusiasts. Besides IoT, AMWick also manages management platform for quality management process such as ISO/IMS standards.

Fast Forwarding the Business Processes
Furthermore, AMWick products and solutions focus on assisting industries in achieving the next digital transformation. While ensuring end to end IIoT deliverance, AMWick’s Rudrino One box does almost everything required for automation like data acquisition, translation, processing, visualization and analysis with internal IoT Gateway and Internal Web server.
The solutions are based on open standards preventing from getting locked with any propitiatory technologies.

The company’s proposition actually helps the System Integrator and Automation Consultants community who can now spend quality time in customer relation and less on solution design & deployment, thus improving market reach and customer trust. The industrial automation is used in various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, improving agricultural productivity, Smart City Solutions, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications. While benefitting in saving utility resources and material cost, it improves quality, reduces industrial waste and improves the produce time. AMWick Solutions are modular, configurable and scalable with inbuilt data collections and Protection Circuit that helps in realizing business benefits in couple of weeks rather than in months or years unlike others.

"AMWick products and solutions focus on assisting industries in achieving the next digital transformation"

With the adaptability of latest technology, AMWick creates industry vertical and size agnostic IIoT & automation solution. Displaying their sheer expertise, AMWick has benefited a large industrial tool manufacturing company via their products and solutions. The company was facing issues with field complaint, and the inefficiency in manual test process followed within the organization. AMWick studied and analyzed the situation and came up with a solution that a) Help them with the business objective of arresting the field complaints B) Eliminate human errors that use to occur due to manual testing C) Provide Safe and secure testing environment D) Automated test environment that could be managed from any part of the globe. There are other unconventional use cases where AMWick has helped clients. AMWick Technnoligies is also the winner of a recently conducted 'Integrate to Innovate Challenge' by Startup India. As per the Founder’s vision, AMWick looks forward to revolutionizing the Industrial Automation and Industrial Internet of Things market across the globe.