Block Armour : Comprehensive Re-engineered Cybersecurity Products using Blockchain Technology

CIO Vendor Security is a serious concern not just in IoT, but also in all the applications, devices or systems where users can share information. Hackers can craft attacks with unprecedented sophistication and correlate information from public networks as well as from different private sources. In recent times, more things are connected to internet than people. Block Armour, based out of Mumbai, is a cybersecurity startup focused on harnessing the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. The company secures enterprises with disruptive technology of the future.

Unique ID System to Secure Information

As a next generation solution, Block Armour’s cybersecurity is powered by blockchain technology to secure critical enterprise systems and IoT communication. Using blockchain enabled digital identity and TLS technology, Block Armour delivers a Blockchain Defined Perimeter (BDP) - an enhanced Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) rendering critical systems / cloud servers invisible; making it nearly impossible for hackers to discover and attack, while providing a secure communication channel for legitimate users. Only registered users and devices within the enterprise network will have knowledge of the existence of these protected resources, keeping them immune to external cyberthreats. The company also provides blockchain based digital signatures to identify, authenticate and authorize devices to secure IoT communications.

Furthermore, Block Armour’s solution leverages multi-factor authentication by assigning digital IDs not only to users but also to each device registered on the network. In the age of BYOD, mobility and IoT, the enterprise perimeter needs a new perspective and a new way to secure it.
In the age of BYOD, mobility and IoT, the enterprise perimeter needs a new perspective and a new way to secure it.Block Armour’s Zero Trust Model offers benefits of scalability without compromising on network security. The Zero Trust model is an architecture which is conceptualized by Forrester and NIST. Block Armour uses it as a core concept to develop architecture which will be a secure shield to leverage emerging technology. The blockchain based identity and access management solution of Block Armour makes it impossible for cybercriminals to enter the network and tamper with access logs to erase records or get unwarranted access.

Military-grade Security Products

Block Armour provides blockchain enabled cybersecurity products to secure these services which include IoT Armour, Block Armour Digital Vault and Secure Shield for Crypto. IoT Armour is a next gen military grade security system which leverages digital signature-based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data; tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure and securing connected devices in the Internet of Things. Block Armour Digital Vault helps secure sensitive information with military-grade encryption and Blockchain technology. In addition, Block Armour also provides militarygrade security to Crypto exchanges making them unhackable. Secure Shield for Crypto provides access to the crypto exchange through a secure gateway which ensures that only authenticated and authorized users can see and access the exchange.

With such cutting edge next-gen cybersecurity products using emerging technology, the company was invited to participate in Acceleration Program of Airbus where, from out of 140-150 startups from various countries, Block Armour was one among only 6 chosen. The company was even rated among top 45 innovations in Cybersecurity globally. Currently, Block Armour is providing benefits in South East Asia and India but the company will expand their product market in Europe and US too. Apart from this, Block Armour is also working on agent less architecture for cloud and enterprises in the coming future.