CONSYST Technologies: ISA-95 based IIoT Solutions for Process Industries

Jasir Sabri, Founder & Chairman

It seems not very long ago that the hype around IoT started to trigger discussion among the tech community. The technology is still rubbing us off the shoulders to remind how dynamic connected devices are. When most people think about adoption of IoT, they imagine smart cities, autonomous vehicles, or the latest consumer tech and wearables. However, little do we know that some of the most amazing technology applications are taking place within industrial verticals such as Manufacturing, Process Industries, Power & Water/ Wastewater. There is hesitance from the industry enthusiasts to step into IIoT based systems due to unclear RoI. More so, as the Founder & Chairman of CONSYST Technologies, Jasir Sabri explains, awareness creation and Talent development are the keys to the growth of this technology. Rightfully explaining, Jasir opines that taking pilot projects is the right way to go before leveraging the full value expected of IIoT.

Based out of Kochi, CONSYST Technologies is a technology System Integration company providing engineering and technology solutions for customers in Asia, Middle East and Africa. CONSYST specializes in Engineering Design, Development, Manufacturing and Commissioning of Process Control Systems, Sustainable Technologies & Industry 4.0 Solutions. CONSYST’s solutions facilitate improvement of efficiency & productivity, reduce costs and downtime. These factors are significant pointers of consideration while deploying an IIoT solution.
CONSYST has developed a new team of engineers on top of the industry 3.0 talent which they already had. This new team was formed to provide IIoT solutions to the emerging industrial enterprises who are keen to reap the best out of IIoT. Being a vendor agnostic solution provider, CONSYST has an edge over similar solution providers who specialize on a single OEM. With their tested and proven solutions from various vendors & OEMs, CONSYST offers the right mix & match solution for customers ensuring the best results.

"CONSYST offers solutions in different layers of the ISA-95 stack, right from the sensors to the ERP integration layer"

CONSYST offers solutions in different layers of the ISA-95 stack, right from the sensors to the ERP integration layer. With multiple options to collect data from sensors and existing control systems through communication protocols, they present customers the comfort of choosing from a spectrum of options that most accurately fits their business model. Similarly, for data analysis, presentation and reporting etc, highly scalable Windows based and web-based solutions are offered from leading software companies in the world.

Leveraging valuable solutions to customers since 2009 has enabled CONSYST Technologies to build international relationships. Having engineers on board from different trade backgrounds, CONSYST can touch the customer pain point through IT/OT integration. Staying true to their nature to innovate ethically, CONSYST Technologies shows promises to take a strong foothold in the market.