Digi Labs: To Transform and Seize Upon IoT Opportunities via Accurate Data Collection

Vijay Gunti, Founder & Director

Enterprise usage of real-time data had increased dramatically in 2018. However, it still faces numerous barriers to widespread integration. Firstly, a majority of companies have to upgrade their IT infrastructure and internal processes to accommodate real-time data processing — and this costs money. The first step in the entire process is the initial and critical act of collecting relevant data. Errors made during this time will affect the integrity of any analysis or projects that depend on accurate data. Hence, it’s crucial that the data originates from dependable and reputable sources. More so, how do we effectively collect the real time data, and put it across to the cloud. To efficiently do this, a business needs classified and accurate device level Hardware integration with embedded sensors & chips that can effectively, efficiently and affordably collect the data. Based out of Hyderabad, Digi Labs is a DIGIOTAI Company.

"Digi Labs has gathered extensive experience and built expertise to skillfully synchronize the live stream of data with varied backends leveraging leading industry platforms"

As an IIoT solution provider, this DIGIOTAI company has been able to craft out customized devices (Edge & Gateway Devices) in collaboration with leading OEMs, ODMs and partnerships that effectively signifies the data gathering process and makes the data available for consumption. Digi Labs has gathered extensive experience and built expertise to skillfully synchronize the live stream of data with varied backends leveraging leading industry platforms like SAP Leonardo. Moreover, all of this is merged with their own flagship automation AI platform know as DICE (Digital Interoperable Connected Entities).
From Data to an Automated Ecosystem
Digi Labs is focused on building industrial pilots encompassing ideologies like Industry 4.0, Web 4.0, Digital Twins, Autonomous ecosystems, Energy Sustainability, Automation with Resilience and Decentralized economy. Therefore, Digi Labs has built an exceptional platform called DICE. The platform embraces the aforementioned ideologies. From an industry standpoint, Digi Labs is uniquely positioned to provide an end to end approach right from getting the data (Data Connect & Gathering), making the data available for consumption (Data Storage), analyzing the data for providing preemptive insights (Data Analytics) and computing for an automated eco system (Data Automation). With such industry exposure and technology expertise, Digi Labs is building DICE as an industry agnostic automation platform that can be used as a plug and play engine. Industries would easily be able to get an available resource pool of proven libraries spanning across the ensemble of IoT, AI, Blockchain & AR/VR, all cloud ready and available for consumption.

Digi Labs is led by Swapnendu Mukherjee and Vijay Gunti, two industry veterans with global stints across North America, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. The duo has driven the company to partner with global OEMs and ODMs, thereby adding value to the IoT ecosystem.

Swapnendu Mukherjee, Co-Chairman

Digi Labs has spent years of research to lay foundation of finding the right mix of People – Talent – Professionals, who can enable & empower the enterprises of today with the true value of their data. With an in-house team of IoT SMEs, PhD Scholars, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Block chain SMEs and AI Technocrats, Digi Labs looks forward to driving a series of Webinars, podcasts, articles, events and tech meets across India and overseas. All this for one pure objective to offer value added solution roadmaps embracing Digital Transformation and leveraging the power of Data.