HiPER Automotive : Exceptional Innovations Serving a World of Motorsports & Domestic Vehicles

CIO Vendor India's auto industry is the world's sixth-largest producer of automobiles in terms of volume and value. It has grown 14.4 percent over the past decade, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). With more than 35 automakers, the industry contributes 7 percent to India's GDP and is responsible for 7 to 8 percent of India's total employed population. Now as the number of cars on the road increases, fuel efficiency, emission-reduction efforts, and safety become important government initiatives. A lot of technologies have come into play in the automotive sector, which spends the third most on R&D than any other industry. Particularly, IoT has made a huge impact in the automobile segment, by providing access to the sensor data within an actionable time-frame. More so, in the world of motorsport, information is king. For years, racing teams have collected data through in-car telemetry systems to understand the condition of their vehicles, driver behavior and well being. The innovations deployed in motorsports can safely be applied to the domestic automobile segment as well. The question is: Is it possible to create a product which can deploy the innovation learnt from Motorsport, to real world vehicles? With the advent of IoT, Bengaluru based automotive-tech startup, HiPER has made it possible. It is seed funded by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

HiPER has a revolutionary IoT product, HiPER UNO. This is a smart device for road-going automobiles to personalize engine performance to suit the needs of every individual driver. UNO can deliver up-to 15 percent increase in fuel efficiency for all vehicles including cabs, commercial vehicles and personal use 4-wheelers. However, the conception of the device began in Motorsports.
Motorsports has always been about speed, torque, horsepower, and durability. Motorsports has not really been about efficiency.UNO tries to increase the speed for the motorsports vehicle. Bringing in the same techniques used to increase speed, UNO is designed to increase the efficiency of domestic vehicles. “With this product we are trying to see how you as a customer are using the vehicle and then we are personalizing the vehicle to your needs. This is the key point towards making your car truly yours, than same as million others”, explains Shriram Thirumalai, Founder, HiPER Automotive.

"Bringing in the same techniques used to increase speed, UNO is designed to increase the efficiency of domestic vehicles"

As a Mechanical Engineer graduate from NIT, Shriram was inclined towards motorsports. Having worked for Bajaj for 2 years, with the aim to increase his learning curve, Shriram flew to Coimbatore to seek opportunities in the motorsports world. Coimbatore is a hub for motorsport in India. With one of his college alums, who had a motorsports team, Shriram grew his interests in Motorsports even more. Post that, he did his post-graduation from UK in the field of motorsports, where he had the opportunity to work for a F3 and LMP team. It is only after his return to India in 2016, that the project UNO took shape. UNO is one of HiPER’s biggest project but it is not the only project. HiPER is presently, consulting with Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, (governing body for all motorsport in India) for installing a modern ECU equipped with HiPER UNO for live telemetry in all F4 vehicles in India. More so, HiPER team is tasked by a prominent player in the Indian Motorsport Industry to build a R2 Rally Car which will participate in Indian Rally & World Rally Championship.

Having accomplished a great deal in enabling vehicle health monitoring IoT device, there is a plethora of exceptional features that HiPER is working on and is soon to take the market by storm.