LivNSense Technologies : Avant Garde IP Led Solutions Impacting the Conversion Economics of the Manufacturing Industry

CIO Vendor Technological breakthroughs and innovations have played a pivotal role in proliferating manufacturing industry trends, enabling a seamless connectivity of all devices and systems involved in the plant and ensuring an optimized and safe operational process. Incepted in 2018, LivNSense is an IoT startup focused on building next generation digital solutions in Industrial, Energy and Automotive domains. LivNSense operates from its Bangalore office with an R&D team to build innovative solutions for the global IIoT market. Besides, the company also has an office at Irvine, Southern California. LivNSense Technologies is spearheading Industry 4.0 solutions to provide higher efficiency, enhanced value and convenience to manufacturing users with the help of their IP led solutions and platform. The startup’s endeavour is to help manufacturing companies to manage their assets efficiently, improve worker productivity and optimize processes. LivNSense has differentiated itself in bringing the ability to solve complex business problems and offer cost & profit drivers to optimize conversion economics (Cost, Quality, Efficiency for manufacturing industry).

“We at LivNSense believe that the solution should be a holistic one, which not only impacts the productivity, efficiency and process improvements, but also brings in the technologies that can help improve safety and health conditions of the operators by monitoring the working conditions, air quality and health parameters”, opines Priyanka Kumar, Founder & Director at LivNSense.

Breakthrough Innovations Defining Industry 4.0
LivNSense is leading the innovation in Industry 4.0 by targeting one of the most conventional manufacturing processes – Welding. Welding is a universal segment in almost 90 percent of all the durable goods produced globally. Today, over 80 percent of the Welding Machines deployed in manufacturing industries are not connected.

LivNSense has launched a smart welding management (WELD 4.0) solution, called WELDSENSE, to target productivity, efficiency and worker safety for one of the most conventional equipment in the Industries – Weld Equipments. WELDSENSE is aimed at helping the industries move from an ‘automation centric production’ to a ‘knowledge centric production’.Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 announced LivNSense as winner in “Innovation in IoT” category for their innovation ‘WELDSENSE’.

"LivNSense is also working with a leading Weld OEM in India to build the Next Generation Weld 4.0 Enabled Machines"

As the ecosystem of IoT grows, so grows the number of connected devices in the network. And consequently, the challenges in managing the data generated. LivNSense is addressing these challenges by building IP led solution called, iSense4i, at edge and cloud to address connectivity and real time data processing challenges. The four ‘i’s stand for intelligent industrial platform, interactive intelligent insights, immersive and intuitive. iSense4i is a sensor to insights platform that can be deployed on premises, cloud or in hybrid environments. iSense4i’s 4i features can help with quick RoI for industries. It has a plugin based messaging layer, with powerful data crunching capabilities. More so, the rules engine can be easily customized to deliver revolutionary insights for particular industry.

Such breakthroughs in innovation were possible under the guidance of the LivNSense team. The team comprises of domain experts with experience at shop floor and in product engineering, embedded/industrial devices, Cloud and Predictive Analytics focused towards conceptualizing out of the box solutions.

LivNSense has been a proud associate of Leadec India since their very first venture. “LivNSense has been our innovation partner for digital factory initiatives since past one year. They bring in a domain led IIOT team with a clear understanding of Industry 4.0 concepts. I also noticed their focus on adoption and applicability, and ability to bring solutions, from sensor to cloud. Thus together we are able to deliver innovative and reliable IoT solutions to help our customers to improve machine utilization, efficiency, productivity, safety and predictive maintenance. We, at Leadec Industrial Services, are excited to embark on a digital journey with LivNSense and thus can together offer value added solutions to our customers”, says Sudhir Gurtoo, Managing Director at Leadec India.

LivNSense is also working with a leading Weld OEM in India to build the Next Generation Weld 4.0 Enabled Machines. With a focus to go global with their IP Led "Factory4.0 in Box" solution for key verticals like, Automotive, Manufacturing, Heavy Engineering and Construction etc., LivNSense gives a glimpse of a promising future of manufacturing industry at large.