TechPrometheon : IoT Innovations for Smart City Parking Infra

CIO Vendor Parking is just as much a nightmare as the traffic. For locals and tourists alike, parking poses a major challenge in every city, commonly resulting in tremendously frustrating drives around the block over-and-over again searching for somewhere to leave their car. An individual might have multiple plans for the evening, parking should not be one of them. Roadside parking is a necessity in any city’s traffic ecosystem. Unfortunately, it is so underrated when compared to bigger problems that it gets sidelined. Given the high percentage of four-wheelers among the total vehicular population in any metropolitan city, it becomes paramount to be able to manage the availability and proper utilization of parking spaces in the city. For a fact, Bengaluru has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest vehicles per capita in the entire country. To put it in layman’s terms, there are more vehicles per 1,000 people compared to many of the tier 1 & 2 cities. The current inefficiencies regarding enforcement, predictiveness in the majority of parking options are causing massive problems like traffic congestion in every city around the world, leading to a growing push for technological advancements to solve this rising concern parking. Innovating from Pune, TechPrometheon has introduced a parking lot occupancy sensor called IoTSpotbot. Spotbots are built to get fixed on the ground and be able to detect cars standing or moving over it, and can also be used to lock the reserved parking spaces. Setting up infrastructure with these Spotbots can generate real-time data of availability of private, public parking lots and traffic data of prone to congestion 'black spots' in the city.

TechPrometheon has introduced a parking lot occupancy sensor called IoTSpotbot

Spotbots are non-obtrusive, plug-and-play and require no changes in existing infra thus they can be only installed for parking management of specific event and can be removed later. Spotbots can be deployed in single level/ multi-level, and indoor/ outdoor parking lots.
Spotbots are battery powered and connected over internet to the cloud for real-time data and easy integration with other parking solution platforms.

The Tech Driven Journey
TechPrometheon started operating as an IoT System Integrator company 2 years ago. The co-founders Sarang, Prasad and Abhishek, foresaw the fast growing market of internet connected devices and the power of data analytics. While working on the product idea, the team continued doing IoT consultancy in the initial years of their startup. This certainly helped the team to create company’s identity in the market. During this phase, TechPrometheon worked closely with EV charger manufacturers in India to develop advance embedded systems implementing protocols like CAN, OCPP for Electric vehicles, Charger-Server communication. By means of this effort, the startups got the systems successfully tested from ARAI. It had been only a year since their operation started, and TechPrometheon had already worked on a plethora of IoT projects including smart vending machines, vehicle tracking devices etc. The company proved their expertise in embedded software, low power IoT devices, sensor data and mobile app development. While focusing on smart city solutions, TechPrometheon addressed the issue of traffic congestion because of unorganized vehicle parking facilities (private/ public) across the city.

The most recent innovation, i.e. IoTSpotbot by TechPrometheon is supported by DST, Government of India and is constantly mentored by Ahmedabad based International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (icreate). Recently, the team from TechPrometheon marked their presence in India’s first Urban Mobility Lab held in Pune with the joint initiative of Pune Municipal Corporation and Rocky Mountain Institute of the US. The team designed mobility solutions related to traffic, transportation, parking infrastructure and EVs with city government.

TechPrometheon is all set to channel their sale of smart parking infra related products in India and overseas intending to provide value adding services to parking contractors, government, smart cities, urban planners, enforcement agencies and mobile apps that provide services like advance booking of parking lots.

Sarang Mokashi, Co-founder and CEO explains, “The market opportunity in parking industry is over USD 5 billion in India as most of the market is untapped. The smart parking solution provider companies having focus on real-time parking occupancy data and capabilities of automating the complete parking management will have added advantage over competitors. And TechPrometheon is right on to developing such systems”.