Artibraino: Helping Appliance Makers Become Smart Using AI-Powered IoT Platform

CIO Vendor Smart homes and smart devices that communicate with each other is no longer a phenomenon that is far from reality with the advent of consumer IoT. Adoption of IoT in the consumer electronics segment is gaining momentum across the globe, as businesses are realizing the increasing role of smart devices in the current digital environment. However, consumer IoT market in India is in budding stage owing to multiple reasons such as low awareness about the scope of IoT in the consumer sector and lack of comprehensive solutions that cater to the complete needs.

Delivering End-to-end Consumer IoT Solutions
Clearly understanding the scenario, Artibraino, a Bangalore based company comes into picture by offering end-to-end IoT solutions to home appliance makers, enabling them to make their products smart so as to stay ahead in the market. Recently recognized as a startup by DIPP, Govt of India, the company provides a robust and comprehensive AI-powered IoT platform that allows appliance makers easily adopt IoT into their product services. “IoT is for sure going to dominate home appliance market segment, making almost every device smarter. So, businesses should adapt IoT to survive in this competitive environment. However, every business entity, particularly the small businesses with minimal financial resources cannot afford to have a dedicated R&D team towards IoT. This is where we play a major role in terms of providing them with robust IoT platform and helping them compete with large players,” informs Kumar Sindhurakshit, Co-Founder, Artibraino. “Unlike many players in the market who offer piecemeal solutions, we offer end-to-end solutions catering to the complete needs of appliance makers,” he adds.

When it comes to various features of the Artibraino’s IoT platform, it offers bank grade security to the users. Being a cloud-based platform, it is highly scalable and enables businesses to scale easily as the number of devices
grows without compromising on the integrity, security, and reliability. It supports various protocol technologies like 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and others. The platform allows omni-channel user interaction and can be accessed with multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, PCs, smart speakers like Alexa, Google Home, and more. “Our platform is highly customizable; hence, new modules can be added in no time as per the requirements of businesses. The platform allows two individual devices to communicate with each other, and enables users to harmonize and synthesize connectivity. The platform can easily be integrated with existing IT infrastructure and supports seamless integration and customization,” elaborates Kumar about their IoT platform.

Innovation, Agility, Dependability, and Compassion have always our core principles and our driving force

Explaining to us about vision and core values of the company, he says, “Innovation, Agility, Dependability, and Compassion have always our core principles and our driving force. We apply machine intelligence to solve real world problems by combining and leveraging our expertise in IoT, software development and machine learning to create innovative products and solutions for day-to-day life and work”. Recently, Artibraino has been selected for IoT OpenLab, an IoT Centre of Excellence by STPI that aims to create a robust ecosystem in a collaborative model to nurture startups and drive R&D, innovation and product development in IoT in the sectors like Defence, Aeronautics, Industrial, Agriculture, Health, Automotive and Education.

Currently the company is working with a number of home appliance makers, helping them launch hardware products using its proprietary IoT platform. As a part of its future plan of action, the company is investing its energy into creating a fusion between AI, ML and IoT, so as to bring the next level of intelligence for the home appliances.