GreenField Software: Providing IIoT Solutions with Consultative Approach

CIO Vendor The Industrial IoT market is forecasted to reach USD 98.2 billion by 2024. Major factors driving the growth of this market include technological advancement in semiconductor and electronic devices and increasing use of cloud computing platforms. Industrial IoT covers a vast scope, but at the same time it is in its nascent stage with just handful of across the enterprise deployments with proven ROI. Deployments have been limited to either complete department coverage like in Data Centers with DCIM or a niche area like Fuel Automation Management or just a Proof of Concept(POC) covering a complex business operation like Supply Chain.

Organizations are aware that they need to take advantage of IIoT or they will be left behind by their peers. As me too approach can be perilous, they are grappling to identify specific areas which would show quick positive results. Hence organizations are looking at a consultative approach from solution providers who have domain knowledge of their industry and can then tailor their solutions to meet desired goals of the customers.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Kolkata based GreenField Software follows a Consultative approach in providing IIoT solutions to clients. With its domain knowledge in Data Centers and partners in other industries the company offers consulting services which helps them in understanding the key business issues of customer and provides customized solutions as per the clients’ requirements. Moreover, GreenField Software takes its clients through the entire journey of implementation to ensure they derive maximum business benefit from the solution.

Advanced Monitoring, Analytics, Controls and Management capabilities
Besides DCIM, GreenField offers an industrial IoT application for non-Data Center customers called GFS Crane CIM. This comes with advanced monitoring, analytics, controls and management capabilities for machines. This application is enabled with multiple protocol support that helps in connecting heterogeneous machines, devices and sensors. GFS Crane CIM
provides centralized automated monitoring, control & management of distributed facilities of buildings power utilities and manufacturing plants and smart cities.

Vendor agnostic and Cost Effective Solutions
Most of the solutions from equipment vendors are usually specific to their own brands and are not vendor agnostic. However customers may have to support multiple machines of the same category from different vendors in multiple facilities. Therefore, solutions from individual equipment vendors are not going to be useful from a perspective of centralized management and would also be expensive to operate. Moreover, most of the solution providers just stop with monitoring and sending alerts and don’t analyze the data.

Our biggest demands are from India customers in the areas of monitoring & alerts and energy efficiency. We are looking to expand to other geographies and building more sophisticated tools around Analytics

This is where Green Field’s solutions come to the rescue of customers. GreenField’s solutions are vendor agnostic and cost effective. “The flexibility of our applications covers any machine category supporting different industrial protocols,” says Shekhar Dasgupta, CEO of GreenField Software. For instance, a customer may want to centralize the monitoring not just of DG Sets but also of Power Systems and cooling units and would also want to add another category of newly installed solar plants in the future. GreenField’s application enables clients to add new tools easily to their application. The company also analyzes the data and present KPIs, which facilitates the management and operating staff to act upon.

“Our biggest demands are from India customers in the areas of monitoring and alertsand energy efficiency. We are looking to expand to other geographies and building more sophisticated tools around Analytics,” concludes Shekhar Dasgupta.