M2IOT Solutions: Providing Low Cost Industrial IoT based SMART Factory Solutions

CIO Vendor The global Industrial IoT platform market is ex¬pected to reach USD 650 million by 2022. IoT in manufacturing industries has helped enterprises in improving productivity by optimum utilization of Men Machine Method and Material.

Industrial IoT platforms are implemented in industrial application areas to obtain realtime insights about the machines, manpower, method and Material. However, most IoT platforms are exorbitant and cannot be easily integrated with organizations’ existing Machinery, ERP and custom built applications. Moreover, not all IoT platform providers have Manufacturing Domain Knowledge and IoT implementation experience in the manufacturing sector.

This is where Chennai based M2IOT Solutions comes into the picture. Perfectly understanding the aforementioned requirements, the IoT start up offers low cost Industrial IoT platforms that can be easily integrated with clients' existing systems. Coupled with a good blend of Industrial IoT implementation experience in the manufacturing sector and core Manufacturing Domain knowledge the startup enables SMART factory ecosystem for Clients.

“We design and develop the appropriate Industrial IoT platforms that provide insights into bottom line improvement and quick ROI realization,” he adds.

Improving Operational Efficiency
M2IOT focuses on crafting SMART Factory solutions using Industrial IoT and Machine Learning platforms, Lean Manufacturing principles to achieve operational excellence and guide clients on Plant Maintenance and Remote Monitoring of factories. The company’s Industrial IoT platform consists of Inhouse developed Hardware and Software that is both cloud and onpremise enabled.

“Our differentiation is primarily ‘Value for money’ and quick implementation timelines. We evaluate Client requirements and machinery across multiple plants across multiple cities and arrive at best fit solutions based on Industry 4.0 tenets” says Mallikarjuna Reddy V, Co-Founder of M2IOT Solutions.
With an aim to drive Data Driven Audits and improve the production planning and control, the Start-up provides realtime data visibility to multiple stake holders across client ecosystem. M2IOT's IIoT platform can network and capture data from a set of heterogeneous machines including Mechanical machines, semi automatic machines and CNC machines irrespective of any PLC/Control systems.

We design and develop the appropriate Industrial IoT platforms that provide insights into bottom line improvement and quick ROI realization

The company’s core strength lies in collecting data directly from the machines. With the data acquired, M2IOT runs Machine Learning Algorithms to drive Plant Analytics such as Stoppage analysis, Machine Scorecard, Line Effectiveness, OEE, Maintenance and Operator Performance. Besides the company provides Shop Floor Integration with ERP and other software modules for Tool Room, Maintenance raw Material Stores etc.

“We are positioned strongly in the SME segment as our Industrial IoT platform is tried and tested and in use across multiple cities in India,” affirms Murali Raghunathan, Co-Founder, M2IOT Solutions.

Real time alerts, actionable insights and operational analytics
With its Machine Learning Algorithms, M2IOT provides real time alerts actionable insights and Data Driven operational analytics into areas for operational improvement for driving KAIZEN, GEMBA initiatives, production planning and control, Maintenance, Tool Room and RM planning areas.

The Journey ahead
M2IOT Solutions has executed Industrial IoT implementations under SMART Factory initiative for large, medium and small enterprises in the Auto Ancillary, rubber moulding and sheet metal fabrication industries. Moving forward the startup has a good order size for SMART Factory implementations and will be implementing for new sectors like FMCG and process industries.