MatreComm Technologies: Building Tomorrow’s Cities Toda

India is undergoing a massive transformation in terms of increasing population density. This population growth demands the evolution and optimization of cities, increase in service delivery efficiency and better managing resources - the need to make the cities smarter. Internet of Things technology is one of the key enablers of this transition. Some of the most interesting industrial applications of smart city technology are electronic traffic congestion management, enhanced operations management for water treatment plants & infrastructure, localized air quality monitoring and data collection and operational monitoring for the electrical grid, including computing resources to protect against cyber attacks, for safety and security, to name a few. While, smart city and Internet of Things technologies are the core facilitators for this growth, the Indian market is still at a latent stage and displays quite the untapped potential.

Basically, we work with our clients as partners, and we give them peace of mind. Once the customer puts their trust in us, we work to ensure that the trust is repaid

Moving forward in leaps and bounds in this domain is Bengaluru headquartered MatreComm Technologies, a startup with its comprehensive SmartCity Management Platform and topnotch consulting services. The company caters to smart cities and IIoT. Once the client is onboard, the team of experts at MatreComm collaborate with the client to understand the various unique pain points and requirements. Once these are identified, the right solution is suggested and put in place. “Basically,
we work with our clients as partners, and we give them peace of mind. Once the customer puts their trust in us, we work to ensure that the trust is repaid. More than earning money, earning the trust of our customers and the fact that they would like to come back to us is of more importance,” says Srinivas Gudipudi, CEO & CTO of MatreComm Technologies.

Offering a Comprehensive Portfolio of Services
The company offers an integrated command and control centre, water management, environmental management and surveillance & video analytics services under its SmartCity Management Platform. Srinivas explains how the various foreign products available in the market are not aligned with the unique needs of the Indian citizen. Having conducted a deep market research and having gained a complete understanding of this market, MatreComm ensures its solutions and services are perfectly aligned to the Indian way of living. The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) are viewed as the nerve centers of the Smart City. ICCC assists in seamlessly managing and running the operations across the city in a real-time manner. The center, comprising of the management platform together with the SmartCity Mobile application, helps in managing and providing the necessary services to the SmartCity citizens in an efficient manner that brings-in the required ROI and future capability.

Incubated by Tata Elxsi, MatreComm is currently catering to the Indian market with the aim to make its cities smarter. Already making a positive impact in the Indian smart cities domain, the company envisions expanding its reach internationally over the next few years.