Moxa: Jump-Starting IIoT Development for Organizations

CIO Vendor Rapid globalization combined with information digitalization is having a major effect in every aspect pertaining to human lives. In this midst, IIoT Technology has become the buzzword for everyone who wants to drive optimum value from their data. Hence for generating data and integrating them into the existing analytical pipeline, to improving operational management and efficiencies, many industrial operators are adopting IIoT to enhanceits operational efficiency and drive value in one’s business. However, there are few key points that should be accounted before choosing a computing solution for any IIoT project. Firstly, the hardware should be a ready-to-deploy platform with necessary industrial certifications that is built and tested to endure harsh environments. While the software should enable seamless integration, customization, and optimization with complete lifecycle management. Moreover the major expectation would be the credibility of the IIoT vendors to enhance data-driven decision making capabilities of industry players.

One of the industry’s leading connectivity solution providers, Moxa has been bringing IIoT Ideas into real-actionable reality with its Industrial Grade Solution leveraging practical technologies. Moxa takes pride in its proven reliability for industrial applications and offers IIoT Gateway Starter Kit solution which can jump start IIoT development for its clients in no time. The company’s UC- 8100 edge computer and ThingsPro Gateway data acquisition software are ready-to-deploy kit which is especially designed for reliable, long-term industrial operation even in the harshest of environments. This solution comes with built-in remote communication capabilities which facilitate easy transfer of data from field devices to the cloud. Also it drastically simplifies data acquisition tasks and amplifies data acquisition tasks, facilitates tag-based data acquisition with virtual tag support, and provides RESTful/C/Python APIs for easy development. The major USP of Moxa is the deliverability of complete
industrial edge-to-cloud connectivity solutions that accelerate OT/IT convergence.

Enabling Easy and Efficient Collection of Data
With multiple interoperability solutions for diverse demands, Moxa enables easy collection of data from numerous protocols and interfaces. The company has been leveraging data processing technologies to consolidate edge connectivity for IIoT applications. It is comparably more efficient than a transparent data collection, and utilizes optimized data processing method which increases efficiency for different data collection scenarios. Moxa has been offering efficient serial data polling technology, transforming large amounts of raw I/O signal data into useful information, and processing data from various devices at once.

Ensuring Reliable and Secure DataConnectivity
Moxa offers a wide range of industrial network infrastructure solutions with various features that include maximum network uptime, edge-to-cloud network protection, and secure remote access to optimize infrastructure for IIoT data connectivity. The company has been providing cloud-based secure remote access solutions as well as secure remote access over cellular and VPN to meet various demands. Their security embedded devices, multi layered network protections and security management has been the perfect mixture ineffectively protecting client’s network.

Making Data Actionable from Edge to Cloud
Catering to the need for solution that can enable mass data acquisition, local intelligence, and data transfer to IT-based clouds, Moxa has been enabling seamless data acquisition, efficient data logging and processing and easy and secure data connectivity. “With the combination of various industrial protocols and deep networking knowledge, we are bridging the gap between IT and I/O. We have partnered with some of the giants of today’s market including Microsoft and Amazon, among others to leverage their quality and deliver it to our clients,” highlights Charles Chen, Country Manager - India, Moxa.

Foreseeing a promising growth ahead, the company is looking forward to expand its reach across India, Japan, and Australia, and cater to the growing demand for robust IIoT solutions that is increasing rapidly.