Neptunus: Enhancing Predictive Maintenance with Innovative Asset Reliability Management

CIO Vendor In the age of digitization of manufacturing and the adoption of Industry 4.0, the Indian manufacturing industry is gradually becoming highly competitive on a global scale. Implementing IIoT technologies enable factory managers and machine operators to optimize maintenance schedules, monitor asset health and attain realtime alerts to operational risks, thus permitting the stakeholders to maximize uptime, decrease service costs and enhance production throughput. The right approach to achieving optimal results would be to assist industries to manage their assets with high reliability by employing cutting edge technologies that harnesses the power of IIoT under the Maintenance 4.0 umbrella. While predictive maintenance in not a new concept, most solutions in the market are conventional and have limitations on how early an emerging fault can be captured. And while adding an IIoT component or cloud capabilities to the solution should make the offering powerful most vendors claiming to possess a robust data processing and analytics tool, depend on the end-user to furnish reliable data to process. Most of the preventive maintenance processes are thus ineffective.

One of the key pillars in this industry that leverage its 23 years of domain expertise and advancing technologies is Mumbai headquartered Neptunus with its end-to-end and innovative Asset Reliability Management solution. Unlike its counterparts in the market Neptunus’ solution uses leading-edge technologies like Torsional Vibration Analytics, Holistic Oil Quality Management and Conveyor Belt Diagnostics to eliminate the concept of breakdowns and the associated costs & implications of an unplanned shutdown. “In our Asset Reliability Management solution, we leverage the power of IoT to seamlessly integrate data measured by different sensors into one unified monitoring system. We use smart EDGE computing units in the field to process the raw data coming from the sensors. Multiple
sensors can be connected to a common EDGE computing interface via a multiplexer to optimize on the hardware cost,”reveals Uday Purohit, MD at Neptunus.

In our Asset Reliability Management solution, we leverage the power of IoT to seamlessly integrate data measured by different sensors into one unified monitoring system

Delivery of Higher ROI
He goes on to explain that once the amalgamated data is processed, this processed analytics information is then fed to the customizable dashboard which gives a graphical intuitive and holistic representation of the realtime health status of each of the critical equipment connected to the Asset Reliability Management solution. The easy-to-use solution enables key decision makers to make faster actionable decisions on the further maintenance steps needed to be performed. The data is further taken to the cloud for ease of access from a remote location. “The system supports multiple open communication formats for easy acceptance of additional process parameters as input and for seamless integration into an enterprise wide third party application for asset management,” adds Uday.

Dominating the Marine, Offshore, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Data Centers and Defence Sectors as one of the leading engineering services and asset reliability management solutions provider in the market, Neptunus has served a massive customer base across 25 countries with it offices located in India and the UAE. Continually striving to deliver value added services across a broad range of industries, the team of experts at Neptunus is currently designing plant wide machine health monitoring solutions, in the industrial sector for large Indian multinational companies.