Null Innovation: Strengthing the foundation of IoT and AI

CIO Vendor Started at Silicon Valley, scaled to India, Null Innovation represents the young generation startups aimed at solving world-class problems with new generation technologies. Since inception, the team’s goal was to identify the most challenging problem of the industry and find-out the solutions that are first of its kind in the world. Null Innovation products, including FrameGEN, Dolphyn, PredictIoT and Survivr showcase the leadership and innovation DNA of the company.

Customizable IoT Development Framework Generator – FrameGEN
According to a recent report by Markets and Markets, the global IoT market size is expected to reach $561.0 billion by 2022. The emergence of advanced data analytics and integration of analytics is expected to propel the growth of the IoT market.

As IoT is still under definition and standardization, many organizations work with different or no framework, which adds redundancies and time lag. Null Innovation’s customizable and end-to-end IoT development framework - FrameGEN is designed by keeping these challenges in view. FrameGEN reduces complexities, redundancies, improves collaboration and aids accelerated IoT product development. “You no more need expertise in hardware devices, software, cloud and cloud applications to build an IoT stack for your IoT product. All you need is to know how to configure FrameGEN and use the framework for the best,” affirms Rajesh Adla, Co-Founder & Chief IoT Developer of Null Innovation. “Our vision is to strengthen FrameGEN with the current standards, latest trends, new IoT platforms, protocols and design in such a way that the users are empowered through this platform,” he adds.

Deriving Actionable Insights through AI – Dolphyn, Marketing Intelligence Tool
Since the velocity and volume of data generated by organizations is increasing rapidly day-by-day, it makes it difficult for experts of traditional domains such as sales and marketing to deal with the amount of data generated. As a result, 92 percent of data lies as dark data. Moreover, they do not have a clear picture on how to draw insights from the data and utilize it to take informed decisions.

This is where Null Innovation comes to the rescue of such companies. Null Innovation provides Dolphyn - proprietary AI technology platform and digital marketing intelligence tool. This platform analyses large volumes of data that is accumulated, identifies the pattern and provides action ready recommendation to the user. Focusing on smart insights and recommendation offers next level solutions compared to any current data providers or data connector platforms available in the market. Dolphyn analyses qualitative and quantitative data, and in the future, it will act as a single platform for all sales and marketing related activities.
Null focuses on building underneath cutting edge IoT stacks and Analytics infrastructure for clients from different industries. “We as a company are committed to build products in the areas of complete IoT solutions, advanced analytics and business intelligence as part of offerings,” says Janak Patel, Co-Founder & Chief Data Analyst of Null Innovation. “Our customers are happy to know the process metrics and the actionable insights that not only help in improving efficiencies, but also generating high revenues. The strength of delivering customized, end-to-end solutions are going to be future of the IoT solution industry, and we are marching towards it,” he adds.

Currently, Null Innovation is in the process of building and deploying an AI engine to Dolphyn and the FrameGEN framework. Moving ahead, the company wants to strengthen its IoT and AI foundation to increase the adoption of technology in various industries. The company serves global clients including Memjet, Elevate Energy, Soclogic, AxisLabs and Duralink, along with many IoT/ AI startups.

Our vision is to strengthen FrameGEN with the current standards, latest trends, new IoT platforms, protocols and design in such a way that the users are empowered through this platform

“Null Innovation is part of leading Incubation systems including T-Hub, GUSEC, and CIE of India. We are growing fast, and Null Innovations is now opening doors for Series -A Investors to benefit out of the rapid growth of company. We are always open to support, collaborate and coinnovate with any organization ot research group as part of our mission to contribute to IoT foundation worldwide,” signs-off Rajesh.

Null Innovation is one of the startups that jumped into action, to save the covid-19 spread in India. Their product, Remote Monitoring Systems, powered by IoT technology, provides touchless and remote monitoring of patients. This initiative is recognized by the Govt of Gujarat, under GUSEC.