Orange Wit Consulting: Solution Oriented Approach towards Industrial Automation

CIO Vendor Optimization of energy and assets lies at the heart of manufacturing industry objectives, which not only demands automation but needs it to be holistic and data driven. Most of the companies have started using SCADA systems to manage their operational data and be in the know about their business processes. However, enterprises that implement SCADA face challenges with regard to data availability and resource management. Legacy SCADA systems have their data availability limited only to the local network and as there are a multitude of targeted applications at play, allocating machine and manual resources becomes a daunting task. Such challenges affect the operations of companies at varying degrees and different level of customization is required for every company.Hence, there is a need to take SCADA applications on an online platform where it reduces the setup cost and provides full customization facility.

This is where Nagpur based OrangeWit Consulting comes into the picture to enable the optimization of energy and resources in industrial operations by acquiring data, processing it and providing meaningful insights. The company accomplishes it through its proprietary software and hardware, thus offering a complete package.

Solution Oriented Approach
OrangeWit Consulting follows a unique approach in serving their clients. They focus on the pain areas faced by the company and develop an all-in-one hardware network software plan, tailored according to the demands of the situation. They call this a Solution Oriented Approach where they work towards providing solutions to counter challenges, budgetary or technical.

“Each of our projects delivered so far are unique in nature. Challenges faced byevery plant are different from one another, and so are the solutions for them,” says Mandar, Co-Founder & CEO of OrangeWit Consulting.

Not Just System Integrators
OrangeWit Consulting does not tread the same path of traditional system integrators where they are solely dependent upon a principal OEM to provide hardware and software products. They have developed OrangeWit Analytics Platform(OWAP) a fully functional OPC UA SCADA Application. Along with this, their offering includes indigenously developed ARC1000R – A Wi-Fi enabled Industrial IOT device with RS485-Modbus, AI, DI & DO ports.

Founded by Mandar Ghotkar and Kaustubh Awade, two young and energetic electrical engineers with techno-functional business experience and strong technical background, OrangeWit was established to transform the way industrial data is utilized today. The duo’s passion for data and enthusiasm to work in industrial process & automation control industry paved the way for the establishment of the company.

“Our vision is to develop solutions that help in acquiring data, processing it and providing meaningful insights,” says Kaustubh, Co-Founder & CTO of OrangeWit. “What differentiate our company from the rest of the players are our solution oriented approach and self reliance on our own software and hardware systems,” he adds.

OWAP for Water Utility Company
OrangeWit’s Solution Oriented Approach can be understood in the way they provided an online platform on top of the existing SCADA application in a water utility company. Orange City Water(OCW) a water utility company in Nagpur is an outsourced agency for Nagpur Municipal Corporation for the prestigious 24X7 drinking water scheme. OCW had implemented a centralized SCADA, a Classic OPC application to monitor a network of 5 WTPs, more than 70 tanks spread across the expanse of 35 km.

However, the challenge in the implemented system was to ensure data availability, as the classic OPC application was not accessible over the internet. As a result the company’s entire team of network engineers, operators and decision makers had to depend completely on the SCADA team to provide important data from time to time and the only way to obtain realtime information was through a phone call.

This is when the water company approached OrangeWit for a solution. OrangeWit offered the company OrangeWit Analytics Platform OWAP that resided on top of the existing SCADA and provided the water company with web interface for real time monitoring of the entire water network. The other major benefit was that the application resulted not only in the saving of 8 man hours per day as real time data was available over the internet, but also increased the productivity.

Another challenge faced by the water company was with data analytics as the traditional SCADA provides limited scope for customizing reports & dashboards. OWAP provides an easy to use reporting tool with fully customized reports & dashboards according to the needs of Orange City Water Company. It also provides a facility where are reports are auto generated and sent by email as per the schedule.

Not Just Energy Monitoring… Production Costing Calculator As Well
Biggest challenge faced by OrangeWit till date is to map energy data with
production data at Lemken India, the oldest agro equipment manufacturer in the world. The objective of the project was to calculate the component of energy cost in overall costing of each part manufactured by the company. OrangeWit took this as an opportunity and started by understanding the workflow. 45 load centres were identified and energy meters were installed. OWAP was implemented as EMS to monitor energy consumption of each load centre. It was customized as a costing calculator for energy consumed by each machine. The application provided detailed analysis of the energy cost incurred per part manufactured per machine. OWAP was further updated with customized dashboards and various reports with shift wise analysis of the data.

Each of our projects delivered so far are unique in nature. Challenges faced by every plant are different from one another, and so are the solutions for them

Local as well as Remote Data Monitoring
One of the leading manufacturers of ABS in India is Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. (BEPL), which is spread across acres of land near Sausar in Madhya Pradesh. The company has a pumping station that is situated about 12 kms away from the main plant. Manual efforts to collect consumption data of smaller load centres across the plant and the pumping station was resource intensive and at times non reliable. Therefore, the major challenge was to collect consumption data from energy meters situated in the plant and also the remote pumping station.

Mandar Ghotkar, Founder

This is when OrangeWit came to the company’s rescue with its Solution Oriented Approach. OrangeWit implemented an On-Premise Energy Monitoring Solution for 48 energy meters in the main plant and 6 other at the pumping station. Optic fibre network was established to communicate between energy meters situated in plant and the server. ARC1000R was installed at pumping station to communicate between the energy meters there and the server. Data from the device was transmitted over the internet using a wireless mobile network. OWAP was customized to deal with data coming from OFC network & internet to provide live monitoring of energy consumption across various load centres. Report templates provided by the company were also included in the EMS. This helped the company with substantial reduction in time to process energy data as compared with the existing manual process.

Having proven its mettle in many similar use cases, OrangeWitis currently working with companies like NTPC. In the near future, the company plans to develop connectors for SAP and other ERP systems so that it can provide solutions by combining IT & OT data.

Data-Driven Automation
In most cases, the demands of businesses are incumbent on where exactly they are placed on the industrial automation curve. While some need an add-on solution to invigorate their legacy SCADA systems, others seek a complete replacement of their conventional systems with new state-of-the-art ones. For businesses struggling with their SCADA systems, OrangeWit offers to strengthen them or replace them with its own. To reinforce the SCADA systems of businesses, OrangeWit Consulting has developed an OPC UA Technology application that works seamlessly with Modbus devices.Allaying the concerns pertaining to data availability, its web interface with HTTP protocol makes it possible to access the application on local as well as remote networks through an internet browser. Depending on their requirements, businesses can implement it as a full blown SCADA application or integrate it with their existing SCADA, allowing it to extract insights, generate reports and make them available over the internet.

As the number of applications rises, businesses have to face the problem of resource management. OrangeWit understands their predicament and considers their preference for cloud platform over on-premise applications. Keeping this in mind, the company is developing OrangeWit Analytics Cloud Platform which is a cloud hosted application that works on MQTT & OPC UA and can connect to a host of devices. It can prove to be an ideal platform for real time monitoring and analytics of M2M data.

Buttressing these platforms is ARC1000R which is an M2M device that can acquire data, route it and provide control over processes. ARC1000R comes with 1 RS485, 2 DI, 2 DO & 2 ADC ports, works on MQTT Protocol and transmits data to local or remote servers over Wi-Fi. The fact that it is Wi-Fi enabled makes it effective for remote operations and a suitable substitute for a PLC, which involves acquiring and controlling data from small processes.