PTC: Building Purpose Built IIoT applications with end-to-end IoT Platform

CIO Vendor According to a recent report by Market Watch, the global Industrial IoT market is expected to reach USD 751.3 billion by 2023. Rise in adoption of cloud platforms, advancement in data analytics and demands from varied domains such as manufacturing automotive etc. are the major factors driving the growth of this sector.

As enterprises enter the fourth Industrial revolution, connecting physical products to their digital copy opens a world of possibility that is changing every thing they know about manufacturing and engineering. Embracing and embarking on a digital transformation journey is crucial for companies to not only remain competitive but to survive as well. Organizations are realizing a complete range of benefits from robust ecosystems of purpose-built applications, without incurring the costs and inefficiencies usually associated with custom builds. Therefore organizations are looking for platforms that would help them in building purpose built applications to turn the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT)into a powerful reality.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Boston headquartered PTC helps customers in their digital transformation journey through its market leading IoT platform ThingWorx. ThingWorx is specifically designed for building and delivering purpose built Industrial IoT applications, with the functionality and flexibility needed to drive a rapid ROI. This complete end-to-end technology platform delivers tools and technologies that empower businesses to rapidly develop and deploy powerful applications and Augmented Reality experiences.

Automating Business Processes & Delivering Meaningful Insights
ThingWorx offers the security and scalability required to expand IIoT solutions throughout the enterprise. This platform is unique among the other IIoT platforms with must have and the most complete set of critical IIoT capabilities that are essential to any organization’s digital transformation. Thing Worx easily connects devices, assets, and IT/OT systems. It facilitates quick building of datadriven applications that
leverage the physical systems and products and enriches them with additional data such as 3D geometry. ThingWorx helps organizations in managing their businesses by automating business processes and drive action across products, digital systems and physical operations. It also empowers workers to perform better, deliver meaningful and actionable data across a range of devices and media including seamless AR support.

We provide a suite of technologies that can help enterprises throughout the life-cycle of the product right from design to engineering, to manufacturing to deploying products in the market and after-sales service

“We are uniquely positioned as one of the few companies that provide a suite of technologies that can help enterprises throughout the life cycle of the product right from design to engineering, to manufacturing to deploying products in the market and after sales service,” says Kalyan Sridhar, VP & Country Manager, PTC India. “IoT is all pervasive. While we provide solutions across segments, our core focus is around Automotive, Oil and Gas, Process Industries, Electronics and Hitech and Industrial Equipments,” he adds.

Kalyan has been a successful leader with proven track record of 27 plus years in senior executive roles spanning Sales, Business Development, Business operations and channel sales in the IT industry. Kalyan joined PTC in 2015 and has put PTC India on a very aggressive growth trajectory buoyed by the strong portfolio as well as a vibrant market for PTC in India.

The Road Ahead
PTC has expanded its wings on a national level and covers the entire Indian market. “India is an extremely important and strategic market for PTC and we have had significant growth with high triple digit cumulative growth over the last three years. Our R&D presence in India is very significant with almost 70 percent of the global R&D team based here. Our investments will continue to grow in India,” concludes Kalyan.