20 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers-2016
Company Name Description
Altiux Innovations Offers Product Engineering IOT Services for Engineering Analytics, Mobility Solutions, Design - Industrial/UI/UX and Smart Devices.
Altizon Systems Provides a cloud based IoT Platform for Operational Efficiency, Predictive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring & Consumer Insight.
Ansys Designing IoT devices to for Engineering Simulation, Design Optimization, Consulting and Grid Generation.
Cascademic Solutions Delivers Plant monitoring & Access control, Asset management & Monitoring Smart Home Automation and Remote Tracking Solution.
Chipmonk Extending an IOT platform and end-to-end IOT solution engineering for Condition Based maintenance of Plants, Asset management, Energy Management, Remote monitoring and Control.
CloseConnexions Provides IoT, M2M, wearable technology, mobility and advanced analytics to provide digital health and personal safety solutions.
Cooey Technologies Providing Health monitoring IoT platform to collect, analyze and manage health related data of patients.
EIGEN Technologies Enabling IoT platform to provide products and services for Wireless Sensor Networks, VLSI, Wireless Technologies, Photonics, M2M and Embedded Wireless.
Eilabs India Delivering IoT platform to design products and wearables equipped with GPS trackers for human safety.
Gaia Smart Cities An Internet of Things Solutions company that creates solutions for Smart Cities, Managed Services, City Command Centers, City Grade, Industrial Grade and Consumer Grade Solutions.
MachinePulse Endowes IoT industry with service offeringsfor Data-as-a-Service, Machine Learning-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service for multiple domains.
Maven Systems Designs IoT based solutions for automatic meter reading (AMR), Remote health monitoring, Vehicle / personal tracking & logistics and Lighting automation.
National Instruments Enabling IoT integrated hardware and software platform for engineering solutions for measurements, automation and embedded.
Onebee Technology Furnishing Smart Home IoT Device to automate and control all the electronic & electrical, gadgets and appliances via mobile devices.
Prime Numerics Furnishing IoT based product platform for ERP, Reporting and Analytics solutions.
SenseGiz Design and produce IOT & Wearable products, IOT solutions for integration into a wireless mesh network and connectivity to the cloud via a WiFi/GPRS gateway.
Sixth Energy Technologies Providing an IoT platform for Remote management, Wireless management of equipment and Energy Management.
Teramatrix Technologies Delivering IoT Device Management and Service Delivery Platform for M2M & IP infrastructure monitoring, In-Field Intelligence and Command & Control.
Tevatron Technologies Furnishing IoT based solutions for hardware designing, Firmware development, cloud infrastructure setup & programming and apps development.
Volansys Technologies Catering wearable products and solutions like connected mailbox, connected home and energy management& monitoring.