Appoids Tech Solutions - Transforming Customer Engagement using IoT and Artificial Intelligence

CIO Vendor The Internet of Things (IoT) has been disrupting businesses, governments and consumers through transforming the way they interact with the world, with research giant Gartner predicting the IoT devices installed base to grow to 26 billion units in 2020. In India particularly, the IoT market is being driven by the growing adoption of Cloud in IoT services, a shift of focus towards industrial IoT and the increasing trend of wearable technology applications. However, despite IoT’s potential to be a transformative force, a major challenge that the industry faces is the inability to translate IoT’s capabilities into real applications at an end consumer level. Acknowledging these concerns, Bangalore headquartered Appoids Tech Solutions has embarked on a mission to elevate the IoT phenomenon to the next level through bringing meaningful and innovative applications of IoT.

Incepted in 2012, Appoids has been primarily focused on developing innovative problem solving solutions and has created an expansive portfolio of products in the areas of Education, Smart energy management, Travel Entertainment and Retail IoT. Endeavoring to optimize the utilities of IoT for its customers, Appoids leverages the capabilities of a young and vibrant workforce to build products while also designing and deploying customized solutions that address specific client problem statements. “In a time where IoT solutions don’t possess widespread use cases of real world deployment, designing customized solutions for specific client requisites is the USP of Appoids,” affirms Sandeep Jangala, Founder & Managing Director, Appoids.

IoT solutions have been broadly accepted by various segments right from healthcare, homes and automotive to cities, energy and manufacturing, as a result of which today's customers have an increased need to track power consumption of electrical utilities in real-time.
Meeting this need, Appoids brings to its clientele a Smart Energy Management product called ELEKTRON, which enables governments and big companies in transforming their existing meters into smart meters, without having to replace the entire meter. The product is also furnished with a mobile interface to help customers detect their power consumption patterns in real-time, while communicating directly with energy suppliers to provide accurate meter readings.

In a time where IoT solutions don’t possess widespread use cases of real world deployment, designing customized solutions for specific client requisites is the USP of Appoids

The company has also recently launched its own Retail IoT Platform- WHAM, an Online to Offline Omni Channel Engagement Platform that is designed to help offline businesses drive sales through personalized customer engagement. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, WHAM identifies customer behavior and their purchase patterns to target them at the right time and place, thereby increasing engagement and sales for businesses. In addition to these innovative deliveries, Appoids also has many interesting solutions such as Deeya, an autonomous customer service bot for the retail store, Feedo, a unique POS based feedback system and Matrix, an intelligent chat bot based on Artificial Neural Networks.

Having augmented the utilities of IoT across different verticals, Appoids has gained adequate expertise and a proclivity for innovation through its various deployments. Leveraging this expertise, the company has well-charted plans of expansion for the future, where it endeavors to further develop its WHAM platform and bring more novel products into the IoT landscape. Appoids also hopes to redefine the domains of Travel Entertainment and the Retail Store with its innovative designs in the years to come.