Ariprus: Enabling Manufacturers to Optimize Operations with Higher ROI

CIO Vendor IoT wave is perfectly poised to revolutionize not only user-machine interaction but the way machines engage with one another as well. The permeation of IoT and connected objects opens up a gamut of opportunities in terms of remote monitoring, optimization and new business models across a host of industry verticals like agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, smart homes and smart cities.

Managing a trillion connected objects over the network proposes security risks. Additionally, some of the topmost challenges owing to the implementation of IoT solutions are the need to bridge the technology gap, maintaining the integrity of the supply chain and proving ROI.

Carving a niche for themselves in the manufacturing sector is Mumbai located Ariprus which focuses on addressing the challenges of this industry, specifically, Real-Time Operations Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Energy Management and After Sales Maintenance and Customer Service with their comprehensive suite of services.

Leveraging Information Design techniques to manage the flow of sensor data and information, the team with their expertise and deep industry knowledge provide operators, engineers, and executives with the right information, at the right time and in the right format. Offering outcome-based pricing and upfront Value Discovery methodology using IoT-based Solutions is what sets the company apart from its competitors. In conjunction with this, the company proffers solutions that ensure speed- to-market and a plethora of other benefits like quicker realization of cost savings from improved efficiencies, engineering the desired solutions as per the client’s specific needs while avoiding the risk and costs inherent to building the system from ground up.

Offering outcome- based pricing and upfront Value Discovery methodology using IoT-based Solutions is what sets the company apart from its competitors

Mitigating the hassles involved in performance and efficiency, Ariprus facilitates Smart Manufacturing Operations with their Real-Time Performance Management offering. Understanding the workings of this offering, the data amalgamated from IoT-based Sensors has been meticulously engineered with the ability to prevent downtime and enable a transition from scheduled maintenance to predictive maintenance. “The solution gives managers and supervisors an insight into the number of machines in operation at any given time, the load conditions, resource consumption and other parameters. This data when collected over time provides an opportunity for manufacturers to optimize their operations,” adds Praful Satasia, Founder and CEO of Ariprus.

A key and novel offering by Ariprus is the Arilinc, Enterprise IoT Platform, which works towards optimizing the f low of sensor data streams by way of having Edge/Local Analytics. With security placed as a top priority, the platform is conceptualized with a Risk-Management framework that identifies risks before developing a solution. “Applications are created by having a rigorous Information Design strategy,”informs Praful.

A recent entrant into this domain, the company aims to increase their global footprint and explore a partnership model in ME/SEA. Additionally, Ariprus foresees the IoT landscape integrating with ERP in near future and are gearing themselves up for the same.