Trenika Technologies: IoT Enabled Platform for Dairy Farms

CIO Vendor Dairy farming technology is very well advanced and there is almost 100 percent automation in this field for a long time in advanced markets. Implementation of technology is proven to be beneficial to the success of dairy farms, however these innovations have been implemented by very few dairy farms in India. Fear of technology and high cost of implementation is the main deterrent. The advent of Internet of Things and easy availability of connectivity is now enabling to get the benefits for those who could not afford it earlier. Trenika Technologies headquartered in Bangalore, is on a mission to take the technology to the hands of Indian dairy farms to improve their productivity and profitability. The Cattlist platform, is an innovative, intelligent & cost-effective technology platform built to enable precision dairy farming and strengthen the overall dairy industry ecosystem.

The Cattlist platform can monitor and report on the demographics, health, yield, heat and breeding details in real time by leveraging Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and IOT. The platform enables dairy farmers to reduce operational expenses, decrease calving cycle and improve the overall health & milk yield by providing early warning of the diseases and heat.

IoT integrated products and solutions
Cattlist offers multilingual, easy to use and cost-effective dairy farm management platform to the farmers that includes Herd Management application and IoT enabled sensors. Cattlist’s QR Code/RFID-enabled end-to-end herd management application tracks the life cycle of the cattle which include daily feeding pattern , identify nutrition deficiency, tracking of health issues, Milking data and monitoring the activity of cow.
"Cattlist IoT Smart Device tracks behavior and alert the onset of heat pattern which increases the success factor of (artificial) insemination"

The Cattlist Telemedicine helps the farmer to track the diseases and also intimate the veterinarian on the onset of disease so that Vet can prescribe the required medication remotely. Dairy Farmer can now track the Milk output and sales across various customers enabling to get the Cost vs Sales data. They can also be optionally be integrated with milking machines. While the platform keeps the records on the activities in the dairy farm, provides variety of reports and key metrics on dashboard which helps farmers to focus on managing farm.

Cattlist IoT Smart Device tracks behavior and alert the onset of heat pattern which increases the success factor of (artificial) insemination. The sensors help increase the probability of success in insemination so that the farmers are able to minimize the calving cycle and maximize the milk production. In addition, this device can track various activities like number of steps in a day, rumination pattern, and rest cycles. This will provide very vital inputs on the state of health which can help to quickly adopt the preventive measures enabling to reduce cost and sustain consistent productivity.

Trenika Technologies is in discussion with large dairy management companies for implementing the solution to the farmers. Sensors are in-stalled at multiple dairy farms and have been providing data for last 8 months and have produced great results and farmers have observed a significant increase in the milk yield.Having achieved positive results, the company aims to expand into other states and ultimately foray into other Asian and African countries in the next 2 years. They also have a roadmap to develop implantable biosensors which will detect common infections and diseases in cattle.

Incorporated in Feb 2018, Trenika Technologies focuses on the challenges faced by the Dairy farmers and help them with the supported of experienced dairy consultants, veterinarians and dairy farmers.