Electrono Solutions : Enabling Digital Transformation Of Enterprises For Industry 4.0

CIO Vendor The adoption of Industrial IoT solutions is gaining traction in the Indian manufacturing sector that is marked by uncertainty, bringing in unprecedented transparency and traceability into the industry. However, given the existence of large-scale legacy systems in the industry, achieving seamless connectivity between the modern and legacy systems is a big challenge for enterprises considering IoT powered digital transformation. In addition to that, ensuring the correctness and security of data gathered from disparate sources is another challenge. Apart from data connectivity and integrity issues, businesses also face numerous issues while adapting to new changes brought in by the IoT-based transformation, eventually resulting in the negation of the very essence of transformation.

End-to-end Industrial IoT Solutions to improve Manufacturing efficiency
Clearly understanding the concerns of businesses, Electrono Solutions, a company headquartered in Bangalore comes into the picture helping them overcome IoT implementation challenges and improve industrial processes along with manufacturing productivity. The company provides end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions right from hardware equipment including sensors, signal conditioners, edge controllers and network infrastructure to comprehensive software framework that helps to collect, process and analyze data coming from various sources, enabling manufacturing industries to significantly improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time and cost savings to comply with new industry regulations and keep up with increasing market speed. The company offers solutions to a wide range of machines ranging from simple floor machinery to complex CNC machines, robots and unmanned operational environment. “Enterprises expect us to guide them in their transition towards Industry 4.0 with a clear-cut roadmap. We involve at every stage of the customer’s digital journey starting from physical systems which are fundamental components of manufacturing and help to make them digital. It is followed by the networking of these machines to gather data and store it in the database. Then we perform aggregation, validation and analysis of the collected data using data interpretation, data representations and data visualization techniques along with AI and ML to derive meaningful insights from the raw data,” informs Kalyan Ram. B, CEO, Electrono Solutions.

Bridging the Gap between Legacy and Modern Equipment
The manufacturing industry has always been one of the forerunners in the adoption of IoT, along with transportation and utilities. Several reports suggest that the adoption of IoT systems in manufacturing is only going to increase. According to a report by McKinsey IoT applications in manufacturing are expected to generate USD 1.2 to 3.7 trillion of economic value annually by 2025.

Still, one major challenge hindering the manufacturing industry from harnessing the potential of IoT is the connectivity of old machines. Helping manufacturing firms overcome the connectivity issues concerning the legacy equipment present in the shop floor, Electrono Solutions enables seamless connectivity between the legacy machines and state-of-the-art modern systems, and thereby allows them to make the most of their old systems by connecting them with modern systems. The company’s suite of Industry 4.0 solutions brings together people, processes and systems on the floor connecting them with people at the enterprise level, and allows enterprises to get real value from their systems without being constrained by technological or financial limitations. It facilitates the movement of manufacturing data from machines to different ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle or a custom ERP, enabling business owners to make better decisions.
This enables convenience in terms of handling resources and people and brings in transparency and visibility into the system. This not only helps to eliminate the waste in the manufacturing process by making the production more predictable but also reduces the stress levels of people involved in the manufacturing. “There is a lot of misperception about Industrial IoT in society today that it will create unemployment by replacing humans, which is an absolute myth. Instead, Industrial IoT is going to create more jobs and it will completely change the academics scenario by creating new fields of engineering,” opines Kalyan. Electrono Solutions is helping their customers upskill their employees in the manufacturing domain with Industry 4.0 skills including Industrial IoT, Data Engineering and Data Science, Data Validation and Verification, Data Analysis involving ML and AI algorithms.

Speaking about the team of Electrono Solutions Kalyan says, “We have a passionate team comprising engineering experts, data scientists and operational experts that leaves no stone unturned in making the lives of people better by ensuring smooth and convenient operations. We always strive for the betterment of overall manufacturing by reducing the waste in the manufacturing environment”. Electrono Solutions is one of the first implementers of Industrial IoT solutions in the lines of Industry 4.0 for the Indian Railways. The company has successfully completed the IoT implementation for several automobile OEMs such as Honda, Toyota, Mahindra etc and Tier 1 automotive component manufacturers in addition to Indian Railways and Defence Manufacturing in the Government sector. Electrono attributes its success to the one team approach and stringent delivery process it follows while working with its customer for their digital transformation. Moving forward, the company is planning to expand into the areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing and process industries as a part of its diversification plans.

We have a passionate team comprising engineering experts, data scientists and operational experts that leaves no stone unturned in making lives of people better by ensuring smooth and convenient operations

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Process Using IIoT
Industry 4.0 also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the boundaries between physical and digital worlds by enabling the convergence of digital and physical technologies in the manufacturing environment. Industrial IoT is making way for smarter factories in the manufacturing industry across the globe, allowing engineers to interact with 3D models in an immersive environment, machines and products to communicate with each other. “Industrial IoT is a great opportunity for the Indian manufacturing industry wherein there exists a lot of uncertainty due to the usage of legacy systems.

And it is being embraced by the industry in a big way. Though Industial IoT is proving to be a substantial tool helping manufacturing industry increase process efficiency, adoption of IoT solutions in the manufacturing domain presents a lot of challenges which include employee resistance to change, adapting to the completely new environment, setting the right kind of expectations etc,” explains Kalyan. “We provide consulting in addition to the end-to-end solutions and help them improve manufacturing efficiency by addressing their challenges.

We start the Industrial IoT implementation starting from the machines. We take care of all four Ms - Man, Machine, Material and Method around which the entire implementation revolves,” he adds.