Instron Technologies: Empowering Work forces with Cutting-Edge IoT Product

CIO Vendor Over the past few years, the Indian market is witnessing a rise in the adoption of IIoT owing to basic infrastructure developments like availability of basic automation data connectivity and ease of obtaining domain ID and global static IPs thereby effectively reducing the cost of ownership of IIoT solutions. With the promise of monitoring and controlling business operations from a remote location, improving operational efficiencies, integrating and adapting business models, enhancing employee productivity and saving time and money, businesses are increasingly implementing IIoT solutions. This growth comes from either organizations that are setting this adoption trend or customers implementing IIoT solutions due to peer competition who are basically known as trend followers. This influx of customers indicates the need for a reputed solution provider with a portfolio of proven solutions that possess deep domain expertise and the right skill set.

Perfectly poised to meet the needs of every customer across manufacturing and process industries is Pune headquartered Instron Technologies with its innovative and robust IoT product PlantOn. Once deployed the solution can acquire the data from devices or equipments of any type or make, with or without sensors. Its data acquisition gateways can be spread across different departments for transferring data from field devices to central server which can be either inpremise or on cloud. This aggregated data raw or analyzed, can be viewed by the right stakeholders from a web page or mobile app in the form of live values, reports and trends for better decision making. In the event of any deviation occurring in any of the measured parameters, an alert will be sent post which users can take action. The solution is equipped with the provision of a myriad of features such as local
HMI with hooter custom dashboard & reports user specific parameters access and escalating hierarchy.

Once deployed, the IoT product, PlantOn can acquire the data from devices or equipments of any type or make with or without sensors.

“Our pricing strategy is asset or solution based unlike most of our competitors offering tag or parameter based. Also it’s a onetime cost instead of recurring or subscription based. This ensures the complete ownership of the product by customers and eventually drives our future business for customer upgrades,” says Milind Saindane, Co-founder of Instron Technologies. The product has received tremendous response from its huge customer base. The team is currently working on enhancing the product with AI/AR/VR Implementation possibilities. “These solutions are already implemented in the gaming and consumer products but not in manufacturing & process industries segment. We are trying to find relevance to the customer and its afford ability,” informs Milind.

Paving the Path Ahead
Established in 2012 Instron Technologies offers customized plant design, skid mounted plants, automation solutions and IoT solutions and has catered to over a 100 well renowned clients across various industry verticals, both domestically and internationally. Based on the success of its initial application specific IoT solutions and the recognition it has received the company envisions expanding its customer base for established solutions like for foundry, LPDC, paint shop, forming machines butt weld machines chocolate conchers herbal extraction plant et al.