Natrinai Technologies: End-to-End IoT Solutions Provider for Aerospace Domain

CIO Vendor Cloud service is a major trend in the outsourcing services market. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the IoT managed services market is expected to reach $79.60 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.5 percent. India is expected to deliver next set of technology innovations. Smart cities, Connectivity, Technology reach to rural areas, R&D centers of OEMs and Tier-1 players across industries are considered the major demand drivers for innovation. The standards evolving for IoT devices and remote connectivity have significant contribution from Indian companies and startups. IoT market growth in India is expected to surpass global CAGR.

Natrinai Technologies works with various customers and develops advanced software algorithms and offers efficient and low cost solutions with data integrity. The company develops and implements latest technology-based solutions for its clients. Its service offerings include Cabin Systems, Connected Systems, Networking, Digital Transformation and connected IoT solutions. Natrinai Tech is well positioned to become end-to-end IoT Solutions provider for Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture and Consumer Electronics. Also, Natrinai develops web and mobile deployable analytics, platforms, tools, and components with planned usage in various sectors.

Implementing Latest Technology-based Solutions
“Our problems and product needs are unique. Autonomous cars that run in Californian roads may not be suitable for Chennai roads. Voice controlled home automation needs to have different level of noise filtering techniques and ability to work without connectivity to the cloud. Natrinai Tech is committed to focus on innovation and position ourselves as ‘Technology First’ company in the industry. Having a creative work environment, we
focus on delivering innovative products and advanced technology services to customers across the industry,” says Pasupathi Pandian, the CEO of the company.

Natrinai Tech works incessantly to bring modernization and IoT/AI/ML into Aerospace. Personalization is taking centre stage in every industry. Hence, the company provides solutions for customization of the cabin, restaurant style food order, a communication system between passengers, crew ordering meals, and crew in the galley preparing it fresh. Each element of the cabin has an app and IoT sensors monitoring instead of having MRO identifying and repairing the system.

Natrinai Technologies has deep network security understanding and follows systematic methodologies to identify threat vectors to trusted systems. It has in-house tools, ethical hackers and methodologies for vulnerability and pen-testing. The company also participates in early development cycle to have detailed software requirements defined for enhancing product security.

Natrinai Tech focuses on providing faster certification process (which is time consuming in Aerospace and Automotive industries) and micro-service based deployments. “We continuously explore and implement advanced software algorithms in Aerospace (IoT/AI/Data analysis for Avionics, Machine Learning), Cabin products and Application Development, Support Design and Development of Systems from Concept to Proof of Manufacturing, and launch CoE on specialized streams. We also offer ground and aftermarket services,” says Pasupathi.

“Natrinai Technologies is an advanced Technology Services provider that focuses on employee values and empowers them to give best version of themselves. We maintain and continuously improve the quality standards – of people, processes and infrastructure. We ensure the creative and highest quality deliverables to all our customers. We constantly focus on customer satisfaction through consistent quality and timely delivery of engineering service. Our focus is on process innovation, automation and lean initiatives. We develop and cross-skill employee skills needed for advanced technology projects,” adds Pasupathi.