WebNMS: Unlocking Business Value with Enterprise-Grade IoT Ecosystem

CIO Vendor Adoption of IoT has been rising exponentially with enterprises making a shift towards smart and well connected devices to optimize business operations and operational efficiency. However, given the inherent complexity and comprehensive nature of IoT systems involving both software and hardware, businesses are facing challenges while deploying IoT. So, enterprises are on the lookout for a technology partner who can deliver turnkey IoT solutions inclusive of software, hardware and analytics. This is where WebNMS(IoT division of Zoho) comes into picture, delivering end-to-end IoT solutions through its partner ecosystem of SIs and OEMs.

An Integrated Platform for Well-connected Infrastructure
WebNMS provides enterprise grade IoT application enablement platform helping enterprises unleash the power of IoT. It offers turnkey solutions powered with its proprietary IoT platform for energy management, remote asset management fleet management and IIoT. “Unlike many IaaS providers in the market who only provide the infrastructure part of IoT and claim to be IoT solution providers or hardware manufacturers who provide proprietary IoT Solutions that come with vendor lock-in problems, we provide highly customizable and hard-ware agnostic IoT solutions. Our IoT platform offers complete frame work to build tailor made IoT solutions and helps enterprises reduce time to market,” says Karen Ravindranath, Director, WebNMS. The platform gathers data from multivendor hardware devices and processes the acquired data to derive business insights. By analysing the data from disparate preconfigured sensors, the platform provides actionable insights, helping business owners take informed decisions with better visibility into enterprise operations. WebNMS platform by easily integrating with third party systems such as ERP, CRM, help desk etc.enables businesses to enhance their business growth with better interoperability.
Enabling Smart Factories with Industrial IoT solutions
Envisioning significant growth in IIoT, WebNMS partnered with HMS Networks a global provider of industrial connectivity solutions to enhance its industrial IoT solutions portfolio. The company’s industrial IoT solutions enable factories and industries increase their equipment productivity and efficiency. “We help factories monitor equipment health in the production line and the industrial automation process. We also provide visibility into asset wise, shop wise or building wise energy usage or ma¬chine performance. We have successfully implement industrial IoT projects both within and outside India in the areas of production line monitoring, energy management, quality assurance, etc. thereby enabling enterprises to minimize system downtime and optimize efficiency,” explains Karen about their industrial IoT solutions. In the smart city segment, the company has deployed smart lighting solution in the Muscat Municipality, Oman that automatically controls the lighting system in the city, helping them optimize the energy usage and reduce manpower.

Our IoT platform offers complete framework to build tailor made IoT solutions and helps enterprises reduce time to market

Being a prominent IoT player with proven record across IIoT, energy management, fleet management, smart city, WebNMS is shifting its focus towards developing advanced facility and building management solutions. “Being home grown in Chennai, one of our key markets is India and we cater to the global markets such as North America South Africa and Middle East. We are investing our energies into designing solutions that easily integrate with Zoho’s app ecosystem so as to deliver extra value to our clients. We are also working with a number of IoT startups and hardware vendors with domain specific solutions to enhance our offerings,” concludes Karen Ravindranath explaining about their future plans.